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WHEN SOUTH PARK BECOMES REAL LIFE - it's really pretty funny.

Okay. I have JUST NOW told the dude that WILL NOT STOP ARGUING WITH swmbo in the "Get better, or die trying" post to Cease and DESIST. Mostly because he is using the CHEWBACCA DEFENSE. I kid you not. I have given him the assignment of using the mathematical equation I formulated and solving for half-wit. And show your work. (And it's worth it to read the whole thing because she is SO GOOD at handing people their asses with a smile on her face.)

FINAL STATEMENT ON MOCKING (which, incidentally was NOT the topic of the post, huh.): Are you trying to tell me that Dave Chappelle shouldn't mock Gallagher? Seinfeld can't mock Carrot Top? Not that I'm at that level of game, of course, but you SEE MY POINT.


Now. I want to get some inspiration. Can anyone give me a prompt: pairing, scenario, rating, and get my ass in gear with writing? Fandoms to include: any celebrity, Buffy/Angel-verse, Coupling, Star Wars, PotC. First 10 unless something that cannot be denied comes down the pike.

Please? With sugar on top? And then I'll open them up for concrit. 10-Q! [ETA]Okay! Got my 10, now Imma get cracking.
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