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It's a fine day, people are happy...

Today was my volunteer day with the Extension Horticulture agency.  Isn't that exciting?  Well, screw you, it so is!  Hee!  For those 1 of you that read my interests, I am a Master Gardener.  I answer a help line, go to people's houses, etc. and help identify problems with turf, trees, plants, bugs and diseases.  We've had such weird weather here lately that I was swamped with crazy stuff all day long.

Some old guy showed  up with a trash bag.  He started to open it before I could tell him to not, and we realized he had put a tree branch that was crawling with white flies in it.  I herded him out the door with his bag of filth and explained that we don't need to spread his diseases around, thank you very much Mr. Typhoid Mary.  I had old people who are obviously lonely call and tell me about all of the roses they've grown over the years.  I even diagnosed a new disease that we haven't seen before, and the National Horticulture lab is ecstatic to see it.  Isn't that exciting?  Do you need a potty break from all the excitement?

I woke up this morning to an amazing lightening storm.  I thought there was a strobe light on outside.  I drank my coffee and realized that I was insane.  I was excited for my day to start, so I woke up before the buzzer on my alarm.  I hate that.  Then you lay back down and start getting sleepy again riiiiight when the buzzer goes off.  The rain was so hard I could barely see the tail lights of the car in front of me.  I love rain storms.  Hate wind.  I love all other forms of nature aside from wind.  It goes back to college and a wrap skirt.  Fortunately I had on attractive panties.

I have nothing of real interest to say, apparently, so I shall bugger off.  Not literally, however.


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