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Good Good Good Morning!!!

Fabulous day, sunshiny, excellent brew, smoothie to follow, and I have NEW SHOES for RUNNING and they are springy and don't squish my pinky toe and my ankle won't roll because they are not CRAPPY NIKE or ADDIDAS. Which suck. Because they don't REALLY make them for women's feet. They are smaller versions of MEN'S shoes. Harrumph. New sports bra, new running pants, new cute top and I'll feel fine, fine on the road. (Oh - I loathe Victoria's Secret, more on that in a minute, but I had a gift certificate I needed to use and they have SPORTS BRAS! With actual support! And hooks! And reasonably priced! I'll let you know how it turns out.)

WHY I HATE VS: I got one of the managers to admit to me that they fiddle with the sizing so smaller breasted women get to say they wear a larger size. !!!! THAT, my well-breasted friends, is why you can walk into a Dillards and pick the size you KNOW you are, but somehow when you go to VS, they don't FIT. At all. Normally I'm a 34D or DD, depending, in VS, they want me to be a 36DD or 38D. WHAT?!?!? And they are crappy bras, anyway, but I need to quit this discussion or my good mood will evaporate.

Speaking of good fic, (shhh. we always are) if anyone is looking for a short ficlet (about 130 words?) in the Sparrington fandom, this was WONDERFUL. And for those that enjoy the funny (and that better be most of you, because COME ON! [/Gob Bluth]

WE NOW HAVE A JIM CARREY IN a_list_celebs!!

Check out his journal here: scarycarrey and laugh, because you WILL. Also, we have now: JK ROWLING! Oh, and she KNOWS the fandom and mocks it accordingly. Funny, funny. "BLAISE IS BLACK!" Here's her journal: richerthanqueen. (Ladycat: we also have a Denis Leary! rescueme_bitch)

Finally, chantal87 pegged me for a meme, which I will put under a cut, even though you KNOW you're gonna read it. What 7 songs am I listening to the most? (Essentially.)

1. Sufjan Stevens - Chicago (this whole album STILL makes me happy)
2. Starsailor - Wandering Soul (I had two lines from this pretty pretty song as my LJ title before the whole stupid thing last week: My wandering soul found solace at last/ I wondered if so, how long it would last.)
3. Beastie Boys - Professor Booty (hee! "Professor? What's another name for pirate treasure? Oh, I think it's booty! Booty. B-booty. Booty. That's what it is.")
4. Beastie Boys - Shadrach (Meshach, Abednigo. "We're three MCs and we're on the go....")
5. Gladys Knight and the Pips - Neither One of Us Wants to be the First to Say Goodbye (Oh, honey can I belt this song out. And I do. I want to come back as a Pip in my next life.)
6. Gladys Knight and the Pips - It Should Have Been Me (DAMN this song still makes me ache. "Oh, I can't stand it....")
7. Prince- Black Sweat I LOVE MUTHAFUCKIN' PRINCE!! Even though he is a Jehovah's Witness now and won't cuss or talk dirty about women he can STILL groove. Toddle over to VH1 and check out the video to this. "Workin'! Workin' up a black sweat-ah I'm workin'!) I LOVE HIM SO MUUUUUUUUUUUCH. O{+> UH! HOOOOOOOOO!

Have wonderful mornings!! Be good to yourself! Do butt crunches in your office chair! Take the long way to the coffee pot! Walk to lunch! Listen to some good groovin' happy music and SMILE already! I'm working on my next fic prompt from dlgood which was Xander/The Todd from "Scrubs." That makes me so damn happy, I can barely SIT STILL. *cough* And there are a few fics before this entry if you're hankerin' for something to read. I'm just saying. COME ON! [/Gob] I need to try and write some AD fic...
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