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Happy birthday to tgray and maegunnbatt! And on Friday! Best day to have a b-day. Don't forget to pin a dollar to your shirt! (Do people out of the south do that? And random people see it's your birthday and staple a dollar to the dollar and you end up with a corsage of money? No? WELL YOU SHOULD.)

Fic pimp: For those interested in pretty, dreamy, short and painful and promising Sparrington, go here. By traveller (Cee? Winter? This is your Cee?) Confidential to Anne and Ru: the Sparrington I'm writing currently is becoming multi-chaptered. I haven't written anything multi-chaptered in MONTHS. And I need a beta that is NOT one of you two. Offers, anyone? And Anne, it's based on "The Mariner's Revenge Song" by The Decemberists. Whee! (tell me if that runs out and you want a copy - one of my most favorite songs EVER.)

The past few nights I've been catching up on movies I "should have seen by now." Hmmm.

1. Farewell, My Concubine. Good god, I ached for days after this. Gorgeous, beautiful, rich, PAINFUL... Warning for those who haven't seen it (and seriously, I feel AWFUL for taking this long to get to this movie), the beginning is ROUGH. I have a thing about innocent creatures being tormented - that's my one potential boundary. The little boy who plays the courtesan is so absolutely beautiful, it's heartbreaking. It's interesting to go to the movie boards and see Westerners impose their concept of suicide and devotion and nationalism to this movie - which absolutely take away the ultimate meaning, IMO. I won't say anything further on that, in case someone here hasn't seen it. And again, cherusha was right: the Chinese are leagues ahead of us when it comes to gender bending. Leslie Cheung is magnificent. Was... *sniff*

2. A Knight's Tale. Okay, you know what? I know what they were going for. I do. But... the quickest way to ruin a GUY movie is to slap together a crappy romantic interest sub-plot, make it the A plot, and then hope for the best. You know what's great about this movie? Everything NOT related to the stupid romance. Okay, maybe not "great" but Alan Tudyk is pretty damn funny in it. He's a goofy man, and it pleases me. Bettany's Chaucer is entertaining, but I want the man to have broader shoulders or thicker hair or... something. Overall: meh.

3. Persuasion. I laughed out loud last night when I realized I was alone in the house, cup of cocoa, two cats, a blanket and friggin' Jane Austen. This is one of her more painful stories, IMO, and honestly... Well, I like other adaptions *cough*missing Colin Firth or Jack Davenport for the appropriate hair necessary for an Austen piece*cough*. Nice, pretty, and almost forgettable. There are better adaptions of other stories that tell the same tale. Although, I'd wager this is one of the most accurate tellings, sets, costumes, etc.

4. Taxi Driver. Yes, I'm supposed to love this because it's Scorsese, but you know what? HE NEEDS TO MAKE HIS MOVIES MOVE FASTER. He loves imagery and big, wide shots, and meandering shots and long stills and BECOME A PHOTOGRAPHER already, because you need to pick up the pace! I have to say that I fell asleep just when it starts GETTING somewhere. Thanks. This was back when Cybil Shepherd was still admirable, too. Her best work is "The Last Picture Show," hands down. And Moonlighting. What?

5. A Room With A View. Well, I remember seeing this when it came out, being very young, and remembering that there was a scene with three men naked and running around. And that's still all that is memorable in this movie. Number one: HOLY GAY MAN she's in love with. Anyone remember him from Naked Lunch? Where he's a giant locust fucking that man from behind in a cage or something? I pretty much watched this on FF. And could someone PLEASE tell Helena Bonham Carter to CLOSE HER MOUTH. Friggin' MOUTH breather. I wanted to pop a pebble in there every time she wandered about the grounds, slack-jawed. Yes, yes, Merchant and Ivory makes beautiful films to look at, but it was so BOOOORRRRRING. And her love interest is GAY. For her BROTHER. Who is also GAY.

I finally turned on the commentary track to Pirates of the Carribean to listen to Jack's dulcet, velvety voice so I could fall asleep. PROBLEM: KIERA KNIGHTLY NEVER SHUTS UP. Okay, I know there are a few of you who like her, but I want to pop her in the mouth. Cannot STAND her. Hated her since Bend it Like Beckham with her skeletal body paraded about like she's a real piece of sexual meat. Um, I'll take Parminder over her ANY day. Kiera is SO pleased with herself, and Jack is very pleasant about constantly being cut-off mid-speech by her constant yammering about her "cleavage" and her pouting. And how she isn't really acting. YES, HONEY, WE KNOW. UGH. Shut. UP. But it ends with his voice and it is the most gorgeous thing EVER.

Finally, did anyone out there realize that Jack Davenport has done over 15 audio books in the UK?!?! One of them being "A Clockwork Orange?" Which was done for BBC Radio, but STILL. Have ordered, is coming, will rip and upload for those who care.

Now, dear flist, please tell me the movie you were told to watch, the one that was Important, and you just "... huh? This one?" Tell me, please! I go back to writing and await your input.
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