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Fic Request Filled

marlo asked for Spike/Faith. This would have been one of those "5 Things That Never..." fics, but I just did the one. Warning: Het. Ha! What a world we live in... Thanks to crazydiamondsue for a quick looksee and pointing out my dropped commas. All errors are mine, lemme know if you find one.

Author: Duh
Fandom: BtVS
Rating: Hard R for porn. Contrary to icon, no drugs aside from nicotine. (NC-17? I mean, it's conventional guy/girl, so I don't know anymore. Wait! He's undead. Make it NC-17.)
Spoilers: Season 7, Basement.
Pairing: Spike/Faith (who totally should have had a spin off with them on motorcycles - and on HBO so they could have gratuitous sex. Or Faith/Connor. *passes out*)

Something That Never Happened in the Basement of the Summers' House

"What is it about you vamps she digs so much?"

Spike drew hard on his smoke, his chuckle as Faith pulled it from his lips and stuck in between her own, sending puffs of smoke like a locomotive around their heads.

"And you don't breathe. How the hell do you smoke?"

Spike pulled one arm across his chest by his elbow, cracked his neck, "I can move air. I mean, just because they don't work at keeping me alive don't mean the lungs aren't still there. There's just no... oxygen, that's it. There's no stuff in it."

Faith smirked and leaned back on the cot, supporting her upper body with her elbows. "Didn't answer the real question."

"Don't have one. Now," Spike leaned forward, rested his elbows on his knees and cocked an eyebrow, "if you had asked what it was about me, well. I could go on for days."

Face breaking grin. "Is that right?"

"Oh, that's right. Sometimes did."

Faith crossed and uncrossed her legs, then pulled one foot up on the cot, knee waving back and forth. "That could come in handy."

She took the cigarette from her mouth, handed it back to Spike, and leaned back, her fingertips resting on the waistband of her tight jeans, lightly tracing back and forth. Spike leaned back against the cold wall, smirked, and held her gaze.

"Surely a girl like you knows all sorts of ways to entertain herself. Had a long time to think of new ways, I'd wager."

Faith laughed, tilted her head back, her long, brown hair dusting the blanket pulled tight across the army bed, then let her head roll to the side to fix Spike with a sultry look. "Yeah, but I'm lazy. I want someone to do it for me."

"Is that right?"


He unconsciously rubbed the thin front of his shirt, blue eyes boring into hers, making sure, "What, you mean... take things in hand?"

Faith shifted slightly, bent knee opening just a hair wider, head tilted to let her chestnut mane spill forward over her shoulder, the ends just reaching her full breasts. "Are you going to shut up and do something about it, or are you all-" She sucked in when Spike's hand shot forward and cupped her between her legs, gently kneading.

"Thank god - I thought I'd have to keep talking, ahh-"

"You're ruining it. Be quiet."

Faith moved against his hand, wanting him to rub harder, but Spike pulled his hand away and traced the thick seam that ran down the center of her jeans with his finger, then slid two fingers on either side of it up and back down again. Faith closed her eyes with a smile and opened her legs wider. Spike palmed her with his broad hand and pressed just there with the heel of his hand.

"Pretty tight jeans."

Faith opened one eye, reached down, and thumbed the snap open, then pulled on the waistband to force the zipper down. Spike moved closer to her, bracing his weight on one hand set just at her hip, thumb hooking into a fold of the heavy denim. Tiny pink knickers - he could see the top, but not much more. He traced the elastic waist with his fingertip, a few passes back and forth, each time sliding his finger under just a bit more until his knuckle grazed her soft skin.

She was grinding up against his hand. Not a schoolgirl that needs convincing, is she? He slipped his hand in between the heavy jeans and the pink cotton, cupped her soft mound, the first two fingers on his hand stroking and squeezing together. She filled his palm with warmth and softness; he finally got her to moan a little when his thumb rubbed small circles high up.

Spike stood up, grabbed the loose jeans at her knees and tugged them down to her thighs, pulling her with them until she was flat on her back. She smirked up at him and reached down to pull them the rest of the way off before he stopped her hand. He took the smoke out of his mouth, touched his lip briefly and smiled, "Now what sort of gentleman would I be if I didn't take my time with a lady?"

"I'm not a lady."

"Too right you're not," he grinned, " and thank the gods for it. Still..."

He stubbed out his smoke and settled himself between her legs, fingers tracing along the edge of her tank top, then down the hollows of her thighs to tug lightly on the elastic sides of her panties, the backs of his hands brushing lightly against her inner thighs. He slipped his fingers under the cotton on the next pass, his knuckles teasing her warmth and tugging the fabric off her momentarily. Faith hooked her ankle over the back of Spike's thighs.

He leaned forward and exhaled along her center, causing her to shiver.

"Told you we could-"

He lowered his mouth over her and traced along her center with his lips, smiling against her when she shifted her hips upward to keep the contact. Spike opened his mouth slightly and pressed his lips firmly against her and sucked in, tongue tracing small, firm circles against the cotton and under that, her. He slid the backs of two fingers underneath the knickers just below his mouth and teased the slick flesh there, but no more than just teasing. He opened his mouth wider, flattened his tongue and slid it down the damp fabric, pressing, rubbing, moving side to side, trying to get her to make noise. She wouldn't, though.

Faith ran her hands through her hair, fanning it out behind her, and rubbed her breasts with her forearms, wriggling with pleasure underneath him.

Spike pulled up off her a moment, saw her smile and replied, "Oh, like that, is it?"

She cupped one breast and purred, "Gonna have to work harder than that, dude."

He traced the inside of his lower lip with his tongue, tasting her. "Planned on it." Spike settled his weight on her upper thighs and rucked the front of her shirt up to the peak of her breasts. Black lace.

"Knew it."

"What, you thought white cotton? Please." She was careful not to allude to who might wear white cotton.

Parted lips up her taut belly. Thumb lifting up and gently rubbing the underneath of her breasts. Tongue circling the peaked nipple through the lace, his forehead cool and tickly against her chest. He drew his full lips back and forth over her nipple, then sucked it in between his teeth, grinding them against one another softly, then sucking the whole areola into his mouth, the lace a wet friction against his tongue. Faith arched up, pressing herself against his mouth and shuddered, gasped, as his free hand slid under her panties, two fingers slipping between to rub and stroke and penetrate.

Spike moved up and made to kiss her, but she turned her head away, "No... I don't do that."

He blinked, to him, that was one of the best parts - tongues exploring, lips rubbing - but he understood. "Enough foreplay then, love."

He sat back on his knees and unbuckled his belt and pants, letting them fall open just enough to get to work. She threw her legs up straight, grabbed the jeans at the ankles and pulled them off in one swift movement, pulled the panties off next, then sat up. She tugged her tank off the rest of the way, shook her long hair over her back and straddled him. He scooted his lower half further down the cot to accommodate her knees, his shoulder blades resting against the wall.

Faith took him in hand and stroked him once, twice, then settled herself over his cock and slowly sank down, hands pressed against the wall to steady herself. Spike slipped his hands behind her and kneaded her ass, squeezing it together and lifting her up and down on top of him. Faith reached up, grabbed hold of a rafter and pulled herself off him, eliciting a groan of protest from him that turned into a low moan as she swiveled her hips and pressed back down, rocking forward to grind herself against his hard belly. Again and again.

Spike leaned forward and took her breast in his mouth, tugging with his blunt teeth on the nipple and sucking hard. He spoke around her, "let go."

He moved quickly, and she grinned to herself. Never fucked a superhero before. This must be what it's like to fuck m- uhhhh! Spike stood, holding her while still impaled on his cock and pressed her back against the opposite wall. She slid her hands behind her back, protecting her soft skin from the rough concrete. She knew he could hold her weight. Spike buried his face in her neck, biting, sucking, tongue flicking out and he drove deeply up and into her, his hands holding the backs of her knees. Faith reached up and grabbed on to the rafter, needing to fuck him back, not willing to just be used.

Her head thrown back, mouth open, tongue wetting her lips, she gripped with her inner thighs and squeezed tight, rolling her hips in a figure eight, forcing his cock to hit her where she needed it most. She didn't want him getting off before her, however, and told him as much.

"Hadn't planned on it, love."

She squeezed him as hard as she could at that. If he hadn't been what he was, something would have been broken for sure. "Don't call me that."

"What? Love? Don't mean it, so don't worry," Spike nuzzled his face between her breasts. "Bit nicer than calling you 'bitch.' "

She gave a dry laugh as she clenched around him again, "Wouldn't be the first time."

Spike rested his cheek against her breast and cupped it gently this time, began to move deeply inside her, slowly, but firmly.



He kissed along her collarbone, free hand sliding down her belly to curl his fingers in her curls and tug gently, still moving slowly inside her.

"Fuck... Quit." A plea.

"No. God, you are beautiful."

"Fucking - uhh. Quit. Stop that shit." Her arms trembled high overhead while gripping the beam. His thumb slipped beneath her curls and rubbed small, tight circles against her, cock working in and out, his shoulder pressed against her chest holding her still while he worked.

She wanted to push him off, pull her pants on and punch the shit out of him. She wanted to lie down and have him fuck her for another four hours. She wished she hadn't come down the stairs. She was fucking glad she had and Jesus H. she didn't even have to move and he was still going and fuck me, B knew this shit all along and Faith let her face drop forward, her hair hiding her pleasure and she bit down on his shoulder, hard.

Spike cupped her ass, holding her tight, and lay her back down on the cot as if she weighed no more than a few pounds. Fuck me, Superstrength, fucking hell- He braced his weight on his hands and rocked forward swiftly, pulled back slowly and circled her opening with the head of his cock and drove back in again. Faith reached over head, pressed her body up against his, then swept her hands down to the side, knocking his hands out of the way. "Like the weight. Hold my ass and fuck me."

He bit along her neck behind her ear, growled softly as she arched her neck up, wanting more. Blunt teeth and wet tongue traced the edge of her ear. His strong fingers gripped her firm backside, kneaded it slightly and pulled her up against him as he drove forward. She raked his back with her nails, "Harder."

He pounded himself against her, cock driving so deep he was afraid it would break, the only sound in the room the steady slapping of their flesh against each other, and the forced grunts from her mouth as he did so. She wrapped her legs around his back, clenched them tightly and gave a low, pained moan, digging her fingers into his sides. He pulled up and off of her then, buried his hands in her thick, shiny hair, and kissed her to stop the moan, hips curling in once, twice, holding steady with slight spasms as he climaxed inside her, mouth and tongue working hard against her as he felt her respond in kind.

She stilled, turned her head from side to side to make him stop, to break the contact, then shoved him off and sat up, wiping her mouth with the back of her arm. "The fuck did you- . I told you I didn't do that."

Spike moved slowly back against the wall, completely unselfconscious of his nakedness, his cock still throbbing slightly. He shrugged. "Didn't want to run the risk of being overheard, that's all."

Faith grabbed her tank from the moving box it had landed on and tugged it over her head, mind racing. "Yeah. Yeah, okay, then. But this was just a one-time deal, alright? I just needed - God dammit." She stood up, and hopped into her jeans, face turned away.

"Faith. I understand. Just a little something you needed, right? I won't take offense."

She turned to look at him when she heard the laughter in his words. Saw he was giving her an out. "Right. Fucking women's prison, man. And everybody wants to work in the kitchen."

He looked at her quizzically.


He laughed, elbow resting on his bent knee, face down.

"You're cool."

"Five by five."

"Hey, that's- Whatever. I'm outta here."


She paused on the stairway, decided to look at him.

"You need another smoke, you come see me, eh?"

"Right. Don't count on it." She grinned, waited to see him laugh again, then headed back upstairs, enough tension gone now to keep her from knocking the shit out of Kennedy next time the fucking brat smarted off.
Tags: dark fic, faith, fic, spike

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  • Um.

    I'm like, barely holding on to sanity here, so that's why there's been radio silence. Apparently to deal with my own crippling sads, I decided to…

  • Fic Post - Trust Fall, Sterek, NC-17 [Master Post]

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