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Not a fic post, so QUIT SCROLLING.

Nothing like a pseudo-surly tone to start your week. GOOD MORNING! It is sunshiny and nice today and I have energy and no more congestion and life is fine. Had a Girl's Weekend - rented a hotel suite, had sushi, many bottles of wine, hired a masseuse to put us all to sleep and NOT in the fun way, poshcat, so sorry. I think at one point I drooled - that was when she was cracking my back, glaaaah. So grood. One girl brought me a bottle of tequila, and then the rest of my friends sat pretzel-legs waiting for me to drink it. Uh.... Whee? One obligatory shot and then back to the wine, freaks!

In other news, I got two more comments on the writer's anonymous meme. The first comment was absolute pants, if I may borrow a phrase from my Euro-pals. You can read it here. The second one, while starting to get the idea of constructive criticism, really didn't tell me anything. I mean, I'm a big girl, and I can take people pointing out errors and such, or areas of focus (see the comments above from lettered - excellent advice, well said, has had me thinking about it for a week), but telling me that I need to work on the tone of my parody fics? Which fic? How? Is it possible that tone is as subjective as well as humor when talking about something like Wee!Spike or Silence of the Hams?

And what I mean by that is: a joke that works on Miss Marple isn't necessarily going to work on South Park. And vice versa. And I've written both kinds of fics. Um, meaning the dichotomy of tone as related to humor. It would have been nice to get more information from the anony mousie, but I'm not sweating bullets. As obnoxious as this may sound, I'm not really going to take advice about how to be funny from many people. Sorry. If someone's in the biz? You bet. But I worked in the industry with some pretty damned funny people - none of them take ANYONE's advice. We just feed off each other like cannibals with cream pies and seltzer bottles.

And ultimately... I'm going to keep on keeping on and listen to the folks I respect re: technical aspects of writing. But thanks for playing, anonymous #2 - and I left it open for them to continue the discussion. Come over here if you wish to expound - it's all good.

And finally, we're trying to shake things up at a_list_celebs. We need new blood, want new characters, want funny people. I've been told it's intimidating to apply there. Wha?? No, no, no. Silly, funny, good times of all stripes. All sorts of funny are cherished and wanted. Have a celebrity that you adore? Want to make them into a parody of themselves? Are they so crazy they don't NEED to be cracked out? Write up a sample entry and email celeb_letters2U [at] hotmail .com. And if this isn't your bag, maybe you know some crazy person that would like to join? Spread the word. I'll love you for it. :D

HAPPY MONDAY!! *sticks fluffy kittens in everyone's IN box*

ETA: and the teeeeeeniest of flist trims. Not a thing personal, just journals I haven't interacted with in many months, divergent interests, etc. NOTHING personal. It's just LJ, folks. And if you want to reciprocate, fine, fine, and I'm still keeping most things public, you aren't "missing out." I'm still dorktastic for all the world to see.
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