Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

Let me just first say...

That I don't cry over fics. I have NEVER cried over a fic I've read online. (Matthew saying with his dying breath that she'll always be his Anne-girl? Okay, SOB. But never to a fic online.)

I've been movied, saddened, impressed, shocked, amused...

I just read a fic that has me BAWLING. I am crying RIGHT NOW. Laughing while I am, because ohmygodSOLAME. But.

Trust me. Trust me. Oh my god, the fandom doesn't matter. TRUST ME. If you were moved by any relationship fic of any kind - of two people, strong, stalwart, fighting against all odds and believe me this fic is not as lame as me and my inability to TELL YOU OF ITS WONDERFULNESS...

And the bar has just been raised for me as a writer and I'll never make it, but it was awesome to see if cleared. Wow.

cherusha wins everything for finding it and telling me. you are never wrong, heart.
Tags: recs
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