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Sooo tired...

Planted a Deodar Cedar (15 feet tall). Planted a Ginko tree (15 feet tall). Planted shrubbery. I'm Laura the Shrubber. I have soil that resembles wet cement, so... FUN! My back is sore, my arms are sore, and I feel goooood. I love the feeling of being physically exhausted and a free night ahead to sit and read, soak in the tub, whatever.

It's like that giggly tiredness you get after too much sex. (Is there such a thing??) And a cardinal is sitting outside my window, happy with my plant choices! Hooray! I wish everyday could involve physical labor, silence outdoors, and a soak in a tub. Finish it off with a towel wrapped around my head, fuzzy slippers, and a book = perfect.

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