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Coupla things...

Number one: GHOST TOWN, yo. Okay, I've been out all morning, too, but JEEZ. I expect to come back and find skip=80 or something. But: flowers! Spring is springing and I'm sooo excited. (Um, julia_here? Look for an email from me at some point today. My email can be wonky, so that's why I'm putting a notice here.)

Number Two: Who watches Scrubs on my flist? Like it, do ya? Go to cherusha's LJ and read the great Scrubs fic she's started. The BEST Dr. Cox voice I've ever seen outside the show. And the Janitor!! *cough* There's a special guest star, bwah! Good, fun stuff - GO! (so far, Gen. 3 parts coming.)

Number Three: I'm working on some PORN. I feel the need for PORN. And two bullet-proof kinks of mine: blow jobs and prison bars. What? Just me?

Sue? Where'd ya go? Phone die?

Number Four: and WOE!! Oh, I was moody and sad, but WOE! At a_list_celebs, Jack and Will have broken up. Waaaah! (And a million people sigh in relief) Bastards. They were awesome! Best cracked out pairing EVER. Next to Kevin Spacey and Prince. Or Donatella Versace and Paul Bettany. I had to soothe my sad little 'shipper heart with "...Say Anything," the BEST RO-COM EVER. With the BEST MOVIE BOYFRIEND EVER. So. Who's the best boyfriend on TV/Movies/Books ever? Here's my list:

Gilbert Blythe
Lloyd Dobbler (omg, John Cusack! Sooo big a crush on him.)
Jake Ryan (unf. STILL gorgeous.)
Nic Cage in Valley Girl (what was his name???)
Ben Stiller in Reality Bites. Ahahaha! WRONG.

Spam me! Soothe my sad little Will Ferrell lovin' heart! (shut it. I like nice guys that are funny.)
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