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Laura Stone

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Go me!

I've had a terrific day filled with bouts of laziness and bursts of productivity, namely raising my entire herb garden up 6 inches with new fill dirt. I'll be paying for that one tomorrow.

I've had this in my head all day: Buggs Bunny meets Dracula. The words "Abracadabra" make him change to a bat, "Hocus Pocus" back to Drac. So Buggs starts singing "la da da de da da, Abracapocus" and Drac changes half way and you hear him say (in a muffled voice) "Hocus Pocus." And on and on. Hilarity.

My only other favorite BB moment is when he is being chansed by Marvin the "hairy butt shaped monster" and he stops, whips out a table and chair and starts giving him a manicure. "Mmm. I think monthterth are thutch innnnteresting people. I said I sayth Monthterth lead thutch innnnterethting lives." Hee hee!

Ooh! And I made 12 jars of pesto from my garden. Num!!
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