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Random Saturday Morning Thoughts

Um... Mr. S isn't getting home until Wed. Normally he'd be home by now. Aaaaaand the kids are out on Spring Break. I'm a married single lady. BOOOOO. But on the plus side, my in-laws want to visit! Um, yay? Which means I have to mop. I loathe mopping. Unless there's good music on - mopping requires Motown, I've decided. Like, Gladys Knight and the Pipps. but #2 was sick all last night, so I may beg off their coming over to relax. MIL is majorly germ phobic.

Little things that amuse me: I mentioned that Will/Jack broke up in our RPG. Check out both character's user info pages for the "interests" that have changed. Strindberg minus helium!! Bwah! WHY AM I SO AMUSED sad by little things like this??? ( _willferrell and tropnevad: click on the head to go straight to user info) In other RPG news: I am ignoring that someone is leaving. I accept it, but I do NOT. Woe. ALSO: we now have a DOLLY PARTON. Ahem. ddd_dolly Are you kidding me? COME ON! Hilarity? ENSUE. Still taking applications for new celebs, preferably big name stars in USA or UK. Sorry CANADA. Boo-yah! note to someone: such as a Matt Damon. Or Megan Mullaly. Or other.

I have plants and flowers and buds and hummingbirds and a cool, breezy gardening day ahead of me and I am looking forward to it. Nothing cures winter blahs like being outside and hearing birds. Just me? Am I secretly an old lady? My Japanese Maples are leafing out and they are eggplant, almost black and underneath is my ajuga that puts out indigo blossoms and there will be pictures because the color contrast is STUNNING. *happy sigh*

I hired the quasi-homely neighbor girl (this is key when obtaining babysitters. Pretty girls have dates. I want a troll with a hump and an extra arm. Possibly a limp. She'll ALWAYS be free on Friday nights!) to sit with the cheerins today so I can go see "The Libtertine" with Johnny Depp. And Jack Davenport. WHAT?!

Next week I will be conducting an experiment in porn/vs. humor. Yeah, this is SERIOUS HIGH BROW EXPERIMENTATION. (My theory? No matter what, people on LJ read porn. 'Tis all they care about. Harumph. Isn't this a SHOCKING theory?)

FINALLY: (for about five of you) "I looked out the window and what did I see?"
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