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Continuation - Prison Fic

Written for anelith's birthday, and as always for cherusha who drug me (happily) into the fandom.

Title: Last Request, 2/3
Author: Stoney321
Rating: NC-17, all the way. Shameless porn loosely held together with a plot.
Summary: This is that loosely held thing. Jack Sparrow finally caught, 10 years after PotC, James Norrington pays him a visit and ... Have to read to find out.
Warning: DARK for me. I won't say anything further. Either you'll read it and trust me, or not. Hate give-aways.
A/N: HUGE thanks to ely_jan for a wicked sharp pen and stern face. I may never use a dash again...

Continues from HERE.

Last Request

Part Two

The heavy wooden door clanged open. It was very late and the two high windows in Jack’s cell only allowed in a faint amount of moonlight. As such, it wasn’t clear if the large, dark figure that entered was the executioner coming early for a bit of fun or-

“If it isn’t the Commodore. I wasn’t sure if you were going to make an appearance or not.”

James pulled the heavy key ring off his arm, and set it on the hard, stone floor just out of reach from the bars then set a small sack next to it. He wasn’t in full uniform this time; buff colored breeches, a simple tunic and a dark overcoat were all he wore. His sleek, black hair was pulled back into a queue at his nape, fastened with a single leather thong. Everything about his dress was simplistic - few buttons, few obstructions. He hadn’t vocalized what his intentions were, but his preparations for this last visit were an acknowledgment of his intent.

“Not worried the guards will know you’ve come to... bug me?”

James reached down into the sack and pulled out a cat-o-nine tails, threading his fingers through the leather thongs.

“Do you know that not one man would question my right to inflict my own justice on your worthless hide before you faced the gallows? That among most officers this,” he laid the cruel straps across the flat of his palm with a thwack, “is actually expected?”

Jack looked on, hands held loosely at his side, face impassive. The eerie calm that enveloped the pirate pleased James. He knew there would be no begging for parole, no begging for mercy, only an inner strength steeled against what was to come. James admired strength. It was what had drawn him to Elizabeth and what had made Jack so intriguing. He turned briefly and dropped the cat on the top of the sack, then crossed his arms.

“I know there are those who would prefer to believe me to be a hard man, but-“

“I can’t currently say as I know that fer a fact as yer standing a bit out of reach, love.”

James lowered his lashes and pursed his lips together to hide his amusement. He was understood, then. He had paced his quarters in the garrison all evening unsure of how to proceed with this request of Jack’s. It wasn’t even a question of ‘should he’ only how should he. That he could have stayed away never entered his mind.

“And I’ll continue standing a bit out of reach, yet. Have they fed you?”

A pause. “Yes.”


James reached back into the sack and pulled out a piece of fruit and held it towards the bars. Jack regarded him coolly.

“I know you’re hungry, Jack.”

“I’ll not have your pity.”

James chewed the inside of his cheek, then tried a different tactic. “It’s not pity. I... care. For your well being.”

Jack barked out a cruel laugh, “Bit late for that, aye?”

James said nothing, only held the food closer to the bars.

“Building up me strength, are we?” Jack took the fruit, gave a sardonic grin, and backed away from the bars to eat in the shadows.

“There comes a point in a man’s life when he’s... finished, Jack. When he’s done all that there is - all that Providence intended for him, at any rate.”

James rested one forearm on the cold metal bars, and shifted his weight to one foot, eyes cast downwards. “Time is up, in other words.”

Jack swallowed thickly and tossed the half-eaten apple to the corner of his cell. “I see. If you’ve come to shrive me before I hang, James... If you’ve come to give me absolution, or whatever it is you have in your head, I’d just as soon as you’d leave, then. Got a bit of sleeping I’d like to do - dream a bit more before that’s over and done with.”

“You don’t understa-,” James exhaled sharply through his nostrils. ‘Ten years, Jack. I’ve tracked you, caught you once or twice, slippery bastard. You were my duty, then my distraction, and now...“

James dropped his hand and turned his back. The next he spoke was so quiet, Jack was required to take a few steps forward to hear. “What will I have in my life after they...“

He turned back, eyes flat and distant, “Do you know why I was sent here from England? It’s not an honor, as I’m sure you know. There were... murmurings. About a fellow officer and myself. The Navy doesn’t allow certain predilections that may seem more common among your kind. I was sent here to keep the family name pure and unmarred,” he let out a wry laugh. “Do you have any idea how long it’s been since... well..."

He pulled on the hem of his tunic, keeping his hands busy and his face turned away to prevent his looking at Jack. He couldn’t stand the thought of seeing mockery or disgust in his eyes. “I’m not entirely sure why I’ve come.”

“Is that right?”

James looked up and saw Jack pressed against the bars, hands high overhead. “So, it’s not my absolution ye’ve come to give, but seeking yer own, is that it? Dead men tell no tales and all, eh? Forgive me if I don’t care, Commodore. Bit preoccupied, you see, what with my own death eminent at dawn.”

“No, that’s not it, dammit, if you would only listen-“

“I don’t care to listen to your confession of buggery and hard-heartedness, James. Especially since I’ve already known about both for some time. And as it’s clear I’ll die one way or the other- “

James had the key in the lock and turned before Jack could finish his dismissal or get his hands up to defend himself. James had years of rage and want built up in him, and this was his last chance for peace of mind, for action, and the bastard would not shut up. James struck a blow to his belly and as he doubled over in pain, grabbed Jack’s shoulder with his hand to hold him still and drove his fist back into his ribs again.

Jack tried to pull out of his grip unsuccessfully, then crashed his head upward into James’ nose to break his hold. James' nose hadn’t been broken, but the pain was enormous. James’ vision filled with stars and he reached blindly for Jack’s body. They struggled in each other’s grip; Jack drove his knee into James’ thigh at one point and James retaliated by covering Jack’s mouth with his fist and shoved him against the damp, stone wall. Jack twisted his head, trying to get the hand off his mouth and only succeeded in scratching his cheek against the rough wall. He thrust his hips forward, grappled with James’ chest to try and break free, to use his body to push him away.

James pressed back, pinning him against the wall with his larger body and attacked Jack’s exposed neck. His hand left Jack’s face and buried itself in the tangled mass of his hair, tongue and teeth working along the tendon that ran the length of his bared throat. James ground his hips forward and down against him, needing contact. Jack reached up and jerked on James’ hair, pulling his face away.

James no longer bothered to hide the hunger in his eyes. His chest heaved from the fight. He leaned forward, eyes closing and lips parting for a kiss, but Jack turned away. James relaxed his hands and pulled back.

“You didn’t have to hit me if ye wanted a kiss, Commodore. You have me at a disadvantage, aye?”

James blinked; a cold sweat broke out over his body. “But I thought... Earlier you had, and I thought...,” he steeled himself and let his normal austere expression settle back on his face. “I’m sorry if I misunderstood. Forgive me if I misinterpreted your mouth on my cock having any meaning whatsoever.”

Jack reached out and held James’ face in his hand, thumb rubbing lightly over his swollen lip. “No, it’s just that I don’t find a punch to me wame what you’d call cold comfort before the dawn. And I made meself perfectly clear, I had thought.”

A small, broken sound burst from James, who quickly buried his face in Jack’s neck trying to regain control of his emotions. Jack pushed him firmly off and away from him.

“I don’t have it in me to comfort ye, James. Bit in need meself, you see. Just lookin’ for a little distraction t’make the time pass.”

James straightened his spine. “I see.”

Jack ran his hands down James’ sides, then fished in one of the pockets of the overcoat. He held the small vial up to catch a bit of moonlight. “Had plans, did ya?”

“It’s not poison, if that’s what you are alluding to.”

Jack laughed softly; his thumb rubbed back and forth over the soft cork stopper and he shook his head. “Didn’t think that. Know ye too well to think you’d deny me my big day with something as cowardly as poison.”

Jack popped the cork and sniffed the contents, smiled, and gave a nod and a wink to the Commodore. “Fine stuff. And I appreciate that you didn’t bring whale oil - terrible smell, that. Kills the mood, aye?”

James reached for the small bottle but Jack, with a wave of his fingers, made it disappear. Shame and humiliation flooded his very being. That he had entertained the thought... He couldn’t leave without it. He couldn’t have it be discovered by the guards.

“Give it to me.”

Jack’s face was the picture of innocence. His hand was splayed across his chest, eyes wide. “What?”

“Give it to-“

James lunged forward and grabbed Jack’s sleeve, clutched at his side, searched anywhere the bastard could have secreted it away. They tousled back and forth, Jack beginning to laugh at James’ rising anger and frustration. Jack slung his arm around James’ neck, who in turn braced himself for the blow he expected to his side. Instead, his lips were covered by Jack’s.

Hungry with need, desperate from the fight, teeth clacking behind firm lips until they were able to catch their breaths and come together again. James wove his fingers into Jack’s hair, holding him still against the wall, his lips and tongue an apology.

Jack chuckled softly, pulling back every so often. Low moans poured from James as his mouth slanted over Jack’s, willing him to open more, to kiss deeper, to hold him closer. His hands relaxed their tight grip and slid over Jack’s arms to splay across his chest and feel the hard muscles there, trying to learn every inch of his body before the dawn. Jack fumbled with the front of his trousers and kicked them off his legs. James broke their kiss to rest his forehead in the hollow of Jack’s neck while he worked his breeches loose as well.

Cool, slicked hand on his cock, then more oil poured over his hand. James bit and sucked at Jack’s neck, working his hand over himself, and used his shoulder to nudge Jack against the wall, turning him. Jack braced himself against the wall with his forearms, arching his back. James reached up and clasped his hand over Jack’s, stroked his cock between Jack’s thighs, a soft exhale at the warm, slick friction. He tilted his hips up as Jack bore down, grunting as he slipped inside; grimaced at the hot burn.

“Ach, Ja... Not enough.”

Jack dropped his hands, and twisted to pour more of the oil onto James’ hands. For a moment, the only sounds in the cell were the soft pit-pat of the oil dripping to the dusty floor, soon replaced by a grunt as James thrust back inside. His hands slid up Jack’s sides, his arms, before their hands linked together high overhead on the wall as he moved slowly inside Jack's body.

He needed more. He wanted more skin, more sensation, more time. Jack let out a high pitched gasp after James sped up, thrusting in deeper, his hips slapping against Jack's backside. Desperate with need, James worked faster and faster, arms wrapped around Jack’s middle as he sought release, unable to control himself. He bit the thick muscle of Jack’s shoulder to stifle his groan as his cock jerked with release, fingertips digging into Jack’s ribs to hold him still.

Gasping and panting from exertion, he was helpless against the ferocity of Jack’s need. James was knocked back to the ground, blinking and exhausted. Jack covered his body, supporting himself on his palms and attacked James’ mouth, tongue working deep to stroke, lips full and firm. James turned his head to the side to catch his breath and Jack sat back on his heels, grabbed the bottle and slicked his hand. James gave out a sharp cry that dissolved into an agonized moan as Jack stroked him and slid two fingers inside, twisting, stretching, his knuckles grazing over the sensitive flesh under his sac.

James convulsed briefly as the cold metal of Jack’s rings pressed against him. His arms felt useless at his side; he weakly threw a hand up to Jack’s chest to touch him, hold him. Jack stroked himself a moment more, rubbed his cock against James; his eyes closed at the tightness. He then drove in fully, his mouth covering James’ to quiet the bellow threatening to escape. Jack began to pull out slowly, tilting his hips up and down with his rocking motions, easing in and back out languidly, taking his time. Jack held himself upright on James’ knees, thumbs caressing the pale skin of his thighs as he murmured soothing nothings while he satisfied his needs.

James had a wild thought as he lay there, filled completely and in a way that had been denied him for over a decade. He’s commandeering the Commodore... All at once, Jack was ferocious, serene, beautiful and his. If for only a moment. James bit down on the meaty part of his fist to control his groans and watched as Jack moved over him, hair wild, eyes closed, mouth muttering silent prayers. Jack hitched forward, his face contorted as if in pain, and clamped his mouth to James’ and shuddered, hips quickening to a tight beat, before exhaling softly into James’ mouth and collapsing.

James soothed his hands over Jack's scarred and worn body, relegating every bump, every bone to memory. Jack rolled off to his hands and knees, crawling about the floor in search of his clothing. Reality came rushing back, and James scrabbled to put himself to rights. Having regained their composure, the two men regarded each other nervously, unsure as how to break the silence that had fallen. Jack was the first to break it.

“If anything, I’ll be glad to have that bit of business resolved come dawn.”

James choked out a small laugh. It sounded strange to his ears. “I can’t... You knew I couldn’t let you go, didn’t you? That I wouldn’t let you escape, no matter... Then why?”

Jack crossed to James and laid his warm palm at the center of James’ chest and gave a wan smile, “We’ll just say I didn’t want any unfinished business hanging over me head.” Jack paused, snorted and said, “That was a poor choice of words there.”

James reached out and cupped Jack’s face and pulled it to his. Tenderly he touched his lips to Jack’s, kissed his temples, his eyelashes, the purple bruise under Jack’s ear, fingertips stroking lightly over the mark. He held Jack to him for a few minutes more, unable to articulate his anger with himself for not having acted sooner, with Jack for being who he was and living as he did, for the whole damned affair. Again, Jack was the one to break the silence.

“Don’t come, aye? Let me go with the thought of this, with me memory, and not with your face filled with pity. Let me have that much.”

James raked his fingers through his hair, retied the queue at his nape and smoothed his tunic. He turned to walk through the cell door, then turned back and savagely kissed Jack on the mouth, drawing blood as his teeth knocked against Jack’s lower lip. James pulled back, wiped at the blood on his lip with his thumb and sucked it off, eyes unflinching.

He took a step back, turned on his heel, shut the cage wall with a loud clang and pounded on the door to alert the guard. He looked at his shirt front, the door, the wall, anything but the man behind the bars illuminated by the creeping dawn, and left without a word.

~TBC, Here, in fact.
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