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Random Things Of Happy

  • Seeing my bluebonnets pop up out of the ground. And everything else, but *points to self* Texan through and through. The only thing better than bluebonnets are my yellow roses.

  • Cool banners for my RPG. Check it out! *loves our Jen Aniston for several reasons, but this one especially today*

  • Random, out of the blue phone calls from friends like my Kaka Ako, who I've missed terribly.

  • AWESOME MUSIC MAGAZINES in the mail, complete with DVDS and CDS inside (Paste Mag.), a lovely gift from my Kaka Ako, for the record. (Seriously! How cool is that?)

  • My younger sister who has been cracking me the hell up, and also keeping me sane.

  • SUNSHINE. (*sings: Texas, Our Texas...*)

  • My Ru

  • Getting a random comment for a fic I wrote over a year ago, with someone desperate for more. (The Ewan/Hayden RPS)

  • Getting hardline Joss fans to read outside their comfort zone and trying something else I've written. (For those that have read my stuff outside of Jossverse, thanks. I'm a sucker for feedback, ain't even gonna lie.)

  • Tanned feet. (what? I kinda have pretty feet. They're better with a tan. It's a thing.)

  • Returning health to my home skillet - also: Sundays. She gets it.

  • Teaching myself how to make a torrent. *cough* If anyone needs help finding something, just, you know, ASK. (I'm on the Pirate Bay under my user name here.)

  • MILAGRO SILVER. I made an icon! *GIP* Feel free, should you want it. I don't know WHY, since my icon skilz are weak.

I'm sure I'll think of more. TODAY IS A GLORIOUS DAY! No, really! It is! Well, it will be if you MAKE it one! *sends positive beams to the world*
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