Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

More Phun With Phandom! A Multi-fandom MAD-LIBS!

You know what? Don't even act like you don't wanna play. It's not like there's anything ELSE to do around here lately. :D SO! *claps hands together with glee* Here's the drill: jot down on a piece of paper 1 thru 30. Put your answers there, then - no peeking! you'll take away all the fun, ya big cheater! - cut and paste what's under the cut into a comment HERE and put YOUR answers in the numbered blanks. In your subject line, put your answer for #1 so we all know which fandom this is based on. Then? SPREAD THE WORD. What will make this funnier is how it fits in ANY FANDOM. *cough* which proves my point that all of the problems in one fandom are not exclusive, and we can all get back to writing, ahem. Let's get as many fandoms involved as possible. WHEEEEEE! (and if you don't know your parts of speech, well, that will only make it more fun to read, so don't sweat it.

1. your fandom
2. whole number
3. type of sex (male or female)
4. transitive verb
5. verb
6. verb opposite in def. from 5
7. action verb
8. opposite action
9. violent action
10. animal part (physical feature)
11. fave fandom character
12. dominant trait of 11
13. feminine character trait, unsavory
14. second fave fandom character
15. action verb
16. viscous fluid
17. number
18. genitalia
19. something you find in a forest
20. power tool
21. action verb + noun
22. reaction to woe
23. action verb
24. action verb
25. action verb
26. hair color of #14
27. horribly misspelled word
28. second horribly misspelled word
29. part of punctuation
30. least favorite fandom

And Now For Something Completely Different, A Tale of Fandom How Tos

Once upon a time in _1_ there were _2_ _3_ that _4_ one another. But, as we all know _5_ can quickly become _6_. How? Through a few simple plot tricks, one such as _7_/_8_. Not your interest? Never fear! Someone can always _9_ the other one, and we all know that equals love. Like things a little... looser? Wilder? Slap some _10_ on them and let nature take its course. Rawr.

Now, _11_ is _12_. Right. AGREED. Or are we? Because I think if you look a little closer, you'll see that really, _11_ likes to _13_. And then _14_ will _15_ them back. And then have sex. Lots and lots of sex. _16_ is optional.

Canon? AU? Who cares as long as there is sex, right? First, who's taller? There's your topper. Writing sex requires the use of _17_ of different terms for _18_. An example to draw from: _19_, _20_ or _21_. And what do they do? They _22_, _23_, _24_ and oh yes, _25_. This will only make the _26_ one scream in ecstasy. And they always orgasm in fic.

Get it right! But not too right. Spelling is an option. These words are for flavor, not for a final exam. Cringing is unnecessary if you come across _27_ or _28_ in a story. And also, _29_ are optional as well. This is for FUN, it isn't school, you old biddy!

And there you have it! The tools needed to write your own fic in _30_ and be a success!

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