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PIMP! And sundries. (and GIP because I love the colors)

First, Happy Birthday to sangueuk! I hope you, the Minis and Mr. Sangue have a great day, there's wine with Boozekit, and cuddles with Twiggy!

Second, looking for crack fic? Crack RPS fic? With Matt-n-Trey, the creators of South Park? And some good mocking of Scientology? LOOK NO FURTHER. grammar_glamour has provided you with your fix.

Third, EVERYONE HAS BEEN DOWN IN THE DUMPS. I try and bring the fun, the lightheartedness, and dammit, I'm not going to quit. You need more? You REALLY should be checking out a_list_celebs. We now have OPRAH. Oprah. Dolly. Britney Spears. Jen-n-Vince. J. Lo. Denis Leary. Jim Carrey. To name but a few. Check out our fantastic new banner made by our Jen Aniston:

We recently lost our Johnny Depp and would LOVE to have a new application for him. We'd love a Matt Damon for our Ben Affleck, too. *cough* Just got word of a (possible) new Tom Cruise. WHO DOESN'T LIKE CELEBRITY PARODY? Wait - I don't wanna know. (and personally, I would go BANANAS for a Ben Stiller. Or either of the Wilson brothers)

I'm off to run errands, be back around lunch for those needing me (and you know who you are.) and I hope everyone has a GOOD DAY. (And I've had a ball reading everyone's Mad Libs from last post.)
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