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Sunday Stuff

~*~ TO DO ~*~

  • get on actual grown-up people clothes - jammy pants with books all over them don't count

  • do the flippin' laundry already

  • open all the windows and air out the house

  • put on chain-link metal and get the climbing rose under control

  • put Bactine™ on all the wounds you'll inevitably get from climbing rose

  • make mummy sounds and scare the kids after all wounds have been bandaged

  • flip the compost heap

  • make the Bad Child pull out all bunny parts that Evil Cat drug into compost heap for burial later

  • determine who is the day's Bad Child through a series of secret tests It was Number 2

  • devise a test, including elements such as: who has bugged the others the most, who left a milk ring on the table, who lied about brushing their teeth

  • praise Evil Cat for keeping bunnies from garden

  • mock the neighbor that worships Right Angles and wastes their weekend trimming each shrub into a rectangle

  • purposely admire out loud your lack of right angles in garden while sipping a mojito leisurely

  • wait until Right Angle man is setting up BBQ today to spread fish emulsion on new growth

  • He knows why - the bastard.

  • enjoy the scent of new blossoms in backyard (where there was no fish emulsion spread) and finish Bones - super good book

  • take over the world

  • or at least the laundry room

  • dance to groovy music for a minimum of 8.35 minutes

  • depending on world/laundry room takeover, can increase to 15 minutes

  • cook crawfish ettouffe over chicken breasts and wild rice for dinner

  • stop

  • smell roses


  • stop shooting baskets with the laundry - it's taking you FOREVER, ding dong

  • although, nice shot

  • that one was TOTALLY worth three points, you KIDDING ME? Are you blind, meref?

Tags: funneh, random statements

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