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Happy Birthday to my Susi-Q!

Also known as beadtific. I've even hugged her in person. And ate eggs! And drank champagne! She is my pretend Margo, and she knows just what that means and why she is a special friend to me. Not short bus special, but huggy, face splitting grin special. This is that Buffy/Giles fic I mentioned, is for you, is not my best, but hopefully you'll like it some. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Title: Forgive and Renew? (I don't really know.)
Rating: PG
Summary: Buffy/Giles, hints at something years after Sunnydale collapses into the earth
Disclaimer: I've never written these two. Oh, I mean, I don't make any money, etc.
Word Count: About 130. Short, yo.

It was several years before she truly forgave him. To be fair, it took him a few to forgive her, as well. The SoCal that was never far from the surface snorted when he told her that, but the adult she was becoming was grateful that he had.

He had been her father, her teacher, her mentor, her fellow soldier. At one point, he had been her enemy and the ache of that never left her bones. Now that the burden of the world was shared among hundreds, thousands, maybe, she no longer needed him to be any of those people anymore. Just him.

She watched him when he was quiet and learned to be still. She watched him as he led and learned how to follow. She watched as he smiled slowly at her and learned how to let go.

No longer did she need to be someone's ideal, someone's notch on their bed, someone's dream girl, someone's redemption. He needed her to just be Buffy, a woman, a warrior, and asked for nothing in return but to allow him to simply love her.

And over time, after forgiveness given and taken, she loved him back.
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