Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

GIP! And also emo-whining

But I'm being FUNNY. In my head. In my head it's funny. First, the icon. HAHAHA! KITTY SAY STOP POSTING. Made by my hombre marlo who is funny. Joy! Last night I watched one of the BEST MOVIES EVER. And I'm being completely facetious. "The Wicker Man!" Oh, you crazy UKers with your crops and fields songs and the burning of humans. Whee! Best scene EVER: small boys tied to a maypole as their teacher has them sing a song about the mighty penis, while the girls are inside the classroom learning about the importance of the phallus.

BEST. DAY. OF. SCHOOL. Or the creepiest. Probably the second one.

May I add that it is very difficult to do yoga while laughing your ass off? And it had a full-on nude Britt Eckland (lovers of the show "Coupling" should be familiar with this whole thing) dancing and writhing and rhythmically singing to entice the copper into wanton sex. OR IS SHE?! Fantastic. And now I'm writing more Coupling fanfic which AGAIN you all will probably not read. Okay, three of you will. Who am I kidding? I'll take what I can get.

Speaking of... I'd like to make an amendment to my Kerfuffle/ Rant post:

STONEY: New fic!
LJ: Yawns.
STONEY: No, no, is funny!
LJ: Smut?
LJ: Ignore!
STONEY: But... POLL! Gen Fic!
LJ: ...smut?
LJ: Zoooms!

You're all a bunch of pervs. A bunch of lying pervs. God bless ya. (go read the pimped post. DO IT. Funny, multi-fandom, and did I mention the funny? Read and feed people. It's the nice thing to do and only takes a second.)

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