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Mish Mash (And GIP)

Gah - I'm so disjointed in my head - I blame the fact that I am a tremendous creature of habit and Mr. S has been home this week messing with my mojo. Oh, and he snores like a chainsaw. There's that, too. Sofa City! (It's more like I can't empty my head before sleeping - can't turn it off.)

Yesterday was a great day - my buddy from Singapore took me to a restaurant - little hole in the wall, always a good sign - and I was the only white person there. Didn't understand a word, had no clue what I ate and I was happy happy. MMMMM, so good. Some noodle dish with octopus and shrimp and beans and spice and goodness, plus some curry paste on pineapple and shrimp dish, then wilted watercress with some sort of nut sauce.... GLAH. Oh! And the "signature Singapore dish:" chili crabs. Holy crap. I LOVE FOOD.

Which brings me to my next point. The hotels have been booked for our annual beach vacation. I love food. I need to step up my workout, yo. I've taken to writing down my daily exercise in a log, and it's making a huge difference on how hard and effective I am - which is good. And apparently I've figured out that I can't lie to myself and call the short run the long run, or what have you. And since it's said that an encouraging photo on the fridge can help motivate you, here's my "OMG LOOK LIKE THIS" body. Good. Lord. (Uh, that is not me. That is what I *want* to look like.) That is a great ass.

Also: Happy birthday to one of three men on my flist! phfeenikz - have a great day!

Finally, behind the cut for spoilers . Is it just me, or does there continue to be a feeling of a MISSED EPISODE?? Too much happening, too fast, not enough explanation. And OH MY GOD for Thumper being in the blown up coliseum!! Weevil. I fucking love that character. I love how he's a smart ass and KNOWS that Veronica is going to ask him finally. And LOGAN. The past few episodes have his storyline getting DARK and freaking me out (and also with the plot holes - he's just... cleared. Okay. Would have liked a little more there, please.) but he was in all his sarcastic glory last night. I LOVE him taking Lamb's parking space. Hahahaha!!

And of COURSE Guttenberg is involved. Of course. He's got Aaron Echolls written all over him. And WALLACE!! Even though I don't care for Jackie AT ALL, damn I want a guy to grab me and just kiss me because he NEEDS to. Unf. Love Wallace.

And who wants to bet that Logan's mom just shows up in one of the last two eps? (And the dance at the end! I know they are wrong, but VM/LE feeeeeels so good.) Beaver. Gay? Traumatized by Dick? Fear that there are cameras in the house? Dick called his girl a weirdo or something? WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEAVER.

GOD I need to finish this fic I'm writing. Cannot FOCUS. Sorry for the spazz! Carry on...

[ETA]: Sorry! All those in a_list_celebs that HAVEN'T voted yet, please log in and do so, thanks! And we just got our 1000th hit! WHOOOO!
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