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Gud Summries phor Phriday!

This concept was originated by mctabby for the Harry Potter Fandom, which is STILL kicking Jossverse's ass with the wank and weirdness, which shames me. WE SHOULD BE WANKIER! I mean, it's not like there isn't magic in BtVS and AtS - one of the main things to get the crazy juices flowing. *sighs*

General Disclaimer (although, as I'm a Mean Girl who Doesn't Love Everything Produced in the Name of Fandom, I should skip this part. But I won't. Because I am an ENIGMA.):
This is a compilation of terrifically entertaining summaries from various fanfiction websites. This is NOT about mocking authors, and I don't condone name calling. I have not read the fics in question, they could be works of art. Ahem. This is about coming across a story and how the author tries to entice you to read it. Or scroll by quickly. Summaries should MAKE YOU WANT TO READ. Okay, some of these TOTALLY make me want to read, but probably not in the way the author intended. All italics are my commentary.

Previous Gud Summries can be found here: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

  • Warning: MarySue AU

  • Buffy learns how to NOT be bitchy

  • A little poem I wrote for British literature class as part of a class project to create our own individual Canterbury Tales, set at a McDonald's birthday party.

  • Spoilers for like... the season premiere. I think.

  • I have changed this stroy a bit. I hope you like this new verison... (it's subtle... but it pleases me.)

  • Buffy has suspicions!

  • Buffy is married to Riley who is an abusive husband. Spike finds out and helps her out. COMPLEAT now with a 100% less errors!


  • It's very very sad!!!

  • I become Buffy. What happened to the real Buffy? A story of redemption. My redemption.

  • DON'T GO AWAY! It has a plot now!

  • Buffy's pregnant who's the father?

  • no punctuation but easy to follow

  • Spike's alone with his thoughts. Genre: Romance (told you he had chemistry with anything.)

  • Sometimes Humpty Dumpty isn't an egg at all it could be a person, or an animal, or something.

  • actually i am making stuff up as i go along

  • Jason Vorhees is sent on a mission to Sunnydale as he's the messenger from hell. As Buffy has to stop him ,teaming up with michael myers. Rated PG-13 for violence seawring.

  • buffy's a skater, Angel's a skater and Riley turned into a dip despite my best efforts to the contrary.

  • Xander develops allergies.

  • On August the 23, in the Year of Our Lord 1339, the crown prince of Loria was born. Born not as a child, but as a man, he led the Knights of the White against the demon Hoarde, and vanguished them on the fields of Moridian. (Xander fic)

  • Spike tries to honor 911

  • Just small stories about stupid every day stuff with Xander doing them

  • Spike will have a happy ending in another version

  • stuff ensues (I love this because "wackiness/hilarity ensues was evidently the description du jour in 2002 for EVERY fic.)

  • uuh, dru makes a bunch of rats into vamps

  • rated for descriptive content

  • Angels gets cozy with Xander's feet and ankles

  • Buffy dies... and my friend Vicki becomes the New Slayer

  • Dawn wants the oblivion (I love how zen this is - ommm)

  • The whiney bitca gets slapped down, Spike returns and someone who *thinks* she's on acid turns up

  • Riley finally gets a clue

  • an exploration in random drama

  • am I the only girl in the world who found pink Spike sexy? i think i am!!

  • it's easy to tell with some people (again: ommmmm)

  • Oz brakes up with Willow and someone notices

  • Pretty much Spike and Buffy have some pain and some strife

  • Xander finds out where all the toilet paper went

  • AU - Buffy summers had worked hard to reach the top of the Worthington Pharmaceutical - until a corporate merger turned her ordered world upside down, To make matters worse the merging companies hired a savvy consulvant, Willian Ediston to smooth out things.

  • Spike muses about butterflies.

  • A song fic. Buffy dies. Angel's with her. It's sad.

  • Buffy thinks.

  • After the brutal murder of his parents, Alexander Harris has prepared his whole life to avenge them. The arrival of the Slayer and grinning terror will be his first, and perhaps last test as The Batman.

And now!! I've been threatening to do this since December... It's time to have a FUN FICATHON! The "Gud Summries" ficathon.

WHAT: pick a gud summrie from one of the posts. Write your version of the story, based on the gud summrie as presented.
WHEN: Sign ups are April 7 - April 20. Fics will be DUE: July 4. Plenty of time to get one done!
WHY: because we need to have fun around here, dammit!
RULES: No person bashing (as in, other authors). No word limit, any genre or style is acceptable, the world's your oyster!
HOW: Comment to this post with your LJ Name, the gud summrie you've selected, and the style you wish to write it in (humor, parody, angst, tentacles...)

WHEEEEE! Let's have some fun!

[ETA]: Let's add the addition of FANART - fully realizing the gud summrie, of course, or FanVids - again, expressing through song and/or interpretive dance the deep meaning of the summrie. Um... these really should be parodies. You get that, right? Sure you do. HUMOR! makes the world go round. IT IS NOT GRAVITY OR MAGNETIC FORCES. Your teacher lied to you.
Tags: funneh, gud summries
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