Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

Processed Meat Product! IN A CAN!

Sorry, but this conversation with dlgood is making me laugh my ass off at the possibilities.

And if you are kinda/sorta thinking about signing up for the Gud Summries ficathon, you have TWO WEEKS. Click here for further information! Now with the addition of FanArt or Videos!

And lastly, because (as you should know by now) I am a complete spazz and my brain is everywhere, I completely forgot to pimp an EXCELLENT fic in the PotC fandom (which, seriously. If you're a Spike/Angel shipper, there's no reason why you shouldn't be dipping your toe into the Sparrow/Norrington arena. GAH. I love them so muuuuuuuuch /Holly Hunter) by cherusha.

"To Catch a Pirate," filled with great character insight, humor, UST and why are you still here? GO!

Oh, it's so you can read THIS little tidbit:a_list_celebs now has a Katie Holmes to match the new Tom Cruise. Let the games begin!

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