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Good Morning! Good Morning!

Quick notes, for I shall ACCOMPLISH THINGS TODAY. Which means I need to step away from the 'puter. (Except not, because I want to WRITE. I'll step away from the LJ.)

  • Puh. For those of you following a_list_celebs, we were mocking the TomKitten birth AS IT WAS UNFOLDING, hello. Including the secret rituals of nudity and shoe shopping. ...why haven't you added that to your flist?

  • I got woken up by big blue eyes, a heart-shaped face, and a big grin. Followed with a gentle arm pat and a whispered, "I want breakfast. Now." She got a few minutes of cuddling, instead.

  • Read FIC yesterday! I hardly ever do that anymore. One: Tack's The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot (again - I never re-read fic!) in the PotC fandom, but IT DOESN'T MATTER. Is most excellent, possibly one of the best pieces of fanfiction I've ever read. And re-read (I never do that!) ely_jan's Xander/Angel fic of darkness, as she posted a new bit yesterday. Get thee hie and read!

  • Finally, we've had two straight days of triple digit weather here. HOLY FAHK. Too hot, too soon. Thank you, Canada for sending a cold front our way. Now it's a respectable 78 for a high day, and I am most pleased.

Back to the grindstone! Have a lovely lovely day everyone!!
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