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Fic Post - PotC - NC-17 "Deception Born of Need"

Dude, SWEATED this. Weeks I've sat on this. Huge thanks to the ill "I'm getting better! I feel happy!" ely_jan for initial beta and floweringjudas for second. Heart, ladies. As always, concrit, pointed out spelling/continuity errors, etc. is always okay here. Although the hope is, through use of betas, that won't be necessary. :)

Author: Stoney321
Title: Deception Born of Need
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Fandom: Norrington/Sparrow?, Pirates of the Carribean
Summary/Warning: Post PotC 1, pure porn, surprise awaits at the end, anything more and it ruins it, sorry! Erm, bondage kink?
Disclaimer: Own nothing. Purely for porn-needs, er entertainment, Mouse owns all and leaves us no crumbs.

This falls in line with what was hinted at in my other fic, "Last Request" although reading one is not required to understand the other.

Deception Born of Need

Commodore James Norrington loosened his cravat and unbuttoned his greatcoat as he made his way through the underbelly of the Dauntless to his cabin, ready to retire for the night. His hat and wig, turned upside down like a bowl - the hairpins economically and efficiently woven through the webbing and tightly held under his arm. A small creak of floorboards ahead of him stopped him in his tracks. He leaned forward, peering into the doorway of his cabin and saw a flash of tanned skin and the swing of loose, dark hair. Someone was skulking about.

James set the wig and hat just inside his cabin's entryway, movements slow and deliberate as to not alert the thief rifling through his papers. He bristled as a hand lingered over a personal journal, carelessly left open when James had dashed above decks to attend a call for immediate assistance. He slowly pulled a hank of rope from his breech's waistband, held it tightly in his hands and quietly snuck up behind the man, avoiding the wet footprints along the planks to ensure even-footing. The thief was now peering closely at the writing on the page, spurring James into action.

As the man reached out to turn the page back an entry, Norrington made his move. He lunged forward, and with the strength and skill of an accomplished swordsman, caught the man's hands in one, looped the rope thrice about his wrists and quickly knotted the ends together before the man had realized he had been caught. James kicked back with his booted heel, slamming his cabin door shut, and quick-stepped the man up against the ship's partition, his mouth against the man's ear.

"Did you think you could steal aboard my ship and I wouldn't know it? Did you dare believe you were so clever that you could slip into my cabin for whatever nefarious purposes you imagined having and I wouldn't catch you?"

James snatched a spare bit of cloth off his writing table and quickly wrapped it tightly around the man's head, effectively prohibiting any possible speech. "Or did you hope I would, Jack?"

James clucked his disapproval and lightly ran his hand down his captive's bare shoulder, smirking at the gooseflesh that rose upon the tanned skin. "Now, now, Sparrow. Sneaking into my cabin with barely a stitch on and most of the crew off-ship seeking their..." he paused to grasp his captive's hair and push it aside, making room for his lips against salty flesh, "...pleasures?"

James took a step back and ran his palms down strong, lean arms, forearms ropey with tendon and muscle, straining against the bindings at the wrist. James leaned back in, resting his chin on the taut muscle of his captive's shoulder and grinned, his voice low and rumbly. "Did you come to seek your own?"

A single fingertip traced along the tiny ridges and valleys of spine, stopping to travel sideways over old silver-webbing, scars from a lashing given, an old crime paid for in flesh and blood. James stroked his thumb pad lightly over a particularly thick line, just under a shoulder blade, and replaced it with soft lips and the tip of his tongue, murmured words against the old wound not meant to be heard, but understood, nonetheless. The captive shifted and arched back against James' mouth, now curved into a smile.

"I have my scars, too."

James reached up, buried his hands into dark hair, lifting the mass high up, forcing his captive's head down, and blew cool air along the newly exposed flesh, traced the line of white, pale skin with his tongue. He felt the man beneath him begin to relax and was encouraged to continue his ministrations. James knew he could do what he wanted with this body, but he didn't want that. He wanted him to buck and writhe under him with pleasure and with need. James caught an earlobe gently in his teeth, traced the edge of a small gold hoop with his tongue and sucked the tender flesh below that, hands traveling again when his actions brought muffled moans.

His voice rough and wanting against an ear, "Is that why you've come? Is this," James ground his hips forward against the man's bound hands, eyes closing, softly exhaling when fingers strained against ropes to caress him through his breeches, "...god. Is this what you want?"

James stepped back again, turned the man around and pressed him back against the partition. He stepped between his captive's legs, knee rubbing the inside of a still-damp thigh and kicked his boot gently at the man's ankles to make him widen his stance. "You've gotten water all over my planks, Jack. Can't have a sodden bed, now can I?"

James traced a dark areola with his knuckle, trapped the rising bud between two and rolled it between. Waited for brown eyes to close. James' parted lips hovered over bound lips, exhaling softly, traced a cheekbone with his chin, kissed fine wrinkles at the corner of dark eyes all while rubbing and stroking, his hand moving in small circles along a tanned and smooth chest. He dipped his fingers just under a dampened waistband, lightly trailed them along a taut belly, his mouth moving to replace the heat from his hand at the man's nipple.

He sank to his knees, eye-level with the wet laces that bound the front of his captive's trousers, and pulled them loose. Eyes upwards, his fingertips slowly slid the wet moleskin down, exposing sharp hipbones. James' cheek fit perfectly in the hollow exposed. He drew his thumb back and forth across the growing mound just beyond his lips. "I know you can't tell me what you want, but there are ways to show me."

James smiled and closed his eyes when he felt hips shift forward, rubbing against his parted lips. He laughed softly, the heat from his breath raising goose bumps on his captive's exposed belly. "That is exactly what I had in mind," he exhaled warm air over the clothed bulge before him while his hand reached between the man's legs. James pressed the heel of his palm gently against the damp cloth, pleased when he felt the man's body tremble and shudder slightly. A quick tug and the trousers lay against white thighs, dark against skin barely dusted with hair. James ran his mouth along the semi-hardness and back down, tongue outlining the soft mounds behind.

He shifted on his knees, rested his elbows in the hollows of gaunt hipbones, hands skimming taut belly muscle and slid his mouth over cock, tongue flattening underneath, lips tightening as he pulled back. Again and again, his head bobbed slowly down and up, throat working as he sucked and stroked, the faint humming noise he made sending shivers rippling across his captive's belly. James slid his hands along the man's inner thighs, back behind to cup and squeeze his backside and down, around and around while his mouth worked until a muffled gasp brought him back to his senses.

James rocked back on his heels and rested his cheek against the man's thigh while his fingers drew back and forth lightly against swollen, throbbing skin. "Now, now, I thought I made myself clear about your not making any noise?"

He stood and led the man to his bed, gently pushed him back to recline while James stripped off the sodden trousers. They fell to the floor planks, and James stood and loosened his breeches, pulled off his boots with ease, and laid his discarded clothes on his writing desk. He stroked himself absentmindedly as he regarded the bound man on his bed. "I almost regret putting you in that gag. What it must feel like to stop your incessant blathering with... well. Perhaps another time, should fate grant us that opportunity."

James leaned down, stroked errant locks back and kissed his neck softly, exhaling along the moistened skin, then drawing back across the goose flesh with his tongue and the edge of his teeth. His captive was impassive at first, then began to nuzzle with his head; all other forms of affection were presently denied him. James gripped him by his arm and helped him stand. James reached up and untied the gag, then placed his fingers to his lips. "Shhh."

They kissed softly at first, tongues barely touching, lips soft and gentle. James traced the fading red marks near the man's mouth with the tip of his finger, then replaced that with his mouth. His own need growing, James gripped his shoulders tightly and kissed with increasing passion, their bodies sliding against one another seeking greater friction. James pulled back, lips swollen and red, eyes burning with intensity, and turned the man around and slipped his arms about his waist. While James whispered nothings against his neck, he was rocking his hips slowly back and forth, stroking himself between his captive's buttocks.

James detached himself briefly, busied himself with a vial from his side table, then circled the man's waist with one arm, trailing kisses down his lean back. Now hot and slick, his erection slipped back and forth, the sensitive head rubbing the slick underside of the man's sac and back to a tightness James was desperate to enter. When the man arched back, James rested his cheek against a sweat slicked back and slowly arched inwards, knees bent, stomach muscles trembling from the effort of pacing himself. They groaned in tandem when he finally, finally was fully inside. Soft kisses along silver-webbed scars as he pulled out, mouth open and moaning as he pushed back inside, a hiss from his partner and quiet curses to not stop.

James slid the flat of his hand down the man's chest, tangled through curls and gripped low, his hand pulling away and he pulled out, hand slick and damp from their actions and the night's heat sliding tightly back to the base as he curved inward again, seeking heat and closeness and satisfaction. His partner began gasping in time to his thrusts, the pleasure that sound gave James released his inhibitions and he began to move more quickly. He had made his point clear, however, and the only sounds in the room were their labored, timed breathing, and the slap of his hips against his lover's backside. His captive groaned, dropped his head forward and came. James loosened his hand over the thick head of his cock and timed his thrusts to the spurting into his palm. James stifled his own moan by biting the thick muscle of his captive's shoulder, just enough to elicit a gasp, but not hard enough to leave a mark.

James reached between their bodies and held on to the man's bound wrists, their thighs slipping against each other, his knees locked behind the other's, threw his head back and drove in again and again. A whining noise cut through his haze - not him, then. The man was bent over at the waist, the only thing keeping him from falling forward was James' hold on his bound wrists. Without slowing his tempo - his own climax was building, the pressure of it causing stars at the corner of his vision, a tight coil of tension building low in his belly - James reached out, grabbed a knife from his table and with one swift move cut the bindings. The man fell to his belly on the bed. James dropped to his knees on the edge of the bed, reached out and grabbed sharp hipbones and pulled him backwards, blind with lust. He held the man up on his knees and thrust in again and again while his lover buried his face in the small pillow, groaned, and pushed backwards. James threw his head back and jerked his hips forward once, twice, bit his lower lip to keep from crying out as he spasmed with his release. He thrust in deeply once more and gripped his lover's shoulders to push himself in as deeply as he could while the last of the tremors faded.

They both collapsed to their sides, their breathing coming in ragged gasps. After a moment's silence, "I can't be found like this. I have to go now."

James rolled to his back and ran his hand over his face to wipe away the smile that lingered, stood, and offered a hand. "You know you didn't have to wait for the men to go off ship, Teddy."

Theodore Groves stood and slipped a hand around James' waist and kissed his neck. "No, but if you want to ever try and have me, not who I can be for you... It works best this way, doesn't it?"

James had no response to that but to slip back into his clothing. "I'm sorry if this is... difficult for you. I shouldn't have asked-"

Theodore smiled, long lashes resting on his tanned cheeks as he focused intently on the laces of his sodden trousers. "James, you should know after all of these years that you can ask anything of me. I know I don't have your heart, and that I never will again. But as you have mine, I have no trouble with borrowing your body on occasion."

He looked up then reached out to touch James' face. James covered his hand with his own. "Teddy... Theodore. I'm sorry I don't feel for you that way. I did. Once."

Theodore leaned forward and kissed him softly. "And we've both paid for that. I just... I fear that you'll always pay for whomever you love."

Theodore turned to walk away, paused and turned back. James was impassive, his face unreadable. "James... He'll never love you. Not the way I do. He isn't worthy of you."

As quick as those words were out, regret clouded his face. James' was stony, withdrawn. "I'm truly sorry for this then. We cannot help whom we love, can we?" His pointed look hit its mark. Theodore held his breath at the ferocity of need and loneliness in James' face.

"No. I daresay we cannot," Theodore slicked his dark hair back away from his face and with a wry grin, "James, I'll take you however I can have you. Even with his shadow looming over us." He turned towards the hatch, closed his eyes and breathed deeply. "Besides. I've always wondered what it's like to be a pirate. Takes one to know one, eh?"

James sat heavily in his chair and watched as his best friend and sometimes lover walked away. He pulled open a drawer to his desk and pulled out a small parcel - a leather wrist band, taken from Sparrow one of the last times he had been caught and jailed. He had neglected to collect his things at that particular escape, and no one seemed to notice the Commodore's absconding with it. His mind lost in thought, he brought it to his lips and traced the edge of his lip with the soft leather. Perhaps he could convince Theodore to wear it some time.

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  • I'm really tired of the hate piled on Texas. Hope after last night you will, too.

    Last night I spent almost 6 hours on Twitter liveblogging the filibuster happening on the Texas State Senate floor for the people who couldn't get…

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