Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone


Oh holy Speedy Gonzales...


Just installed a GIG OF MEMORY in my 'puter, to match the half-a-gig in there already. Oh holy fast as greased lightening... My computer booted from a cold boot - with all of the things I have in the start menu, which I really shouldn't, but... - in 32 SECONDS. 32 seconds for ready to go computer screen from dead screen.

I am going to celebrate this speedy new computer situation with opening a million browser windows, streaming music on WinAmp radio, running BitTorrent, play in PSP8, have Solitare rocking, open up every chat program I have and maybe something else, I don't even know yet.

...I was almost willing to go back to WORK so I could have a fast computer again. Which is crazy talk. CRAZY. (But I was on the Southern US internet hop and had 200 computers, each with four TERABYTES of data space, not to mention a TERABYTE of memory in each server. Rows and rows of lovely, geeky, heart-pounding speed and space and access and it was all mine, ALL MINE!)

And now I won't need to sully my soul with a job because I have SPEED OF MY OWN. *salivates with a nerd's pleasure* If I get the sound card upgraded, and a DVD burner like I NEED, omg, I will be UNSTOPPABLE. *rubs hands together with glee*

[ETA!!!!]: Why are there no screepcaps online of the homo-erotic volleyball scene in TOP GUN??!?! I have a serious need for those pics if anyone has a clue... NEED. Like O2.
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