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Answers to yesterday's poll and a policy change!

Ha. I like the sound of me having a "policy." *straightens name tag* Sometimes I'm just not going to reply to comments. Lemme 'splain. Wait - there is too much. Lemme sum up. [/Montoya]

I recognize that a good 60% of you that have me friended have done so to read the train wreck that is this LJ. Which is fine, great, good, all of that. No worries! And some of you come by days later and catch up on the train wreck all at once. Again, see: fine, good. And sometimes I get comments to old posts - the rambling ones, not fic - I will almost ALWAYS reply to feedback, because I feel that's polite, and are you kidding me? Thanks for leaving me feedback! *was raised properly* But... if you've commented to a post from a week ago, my brain forgets. And... I'm a busy gal. And I don't like sitting my ass in this chair all day long, sorry. So, please don't take offense, and if you want to leave a comment, knock yourself out! I read everyone of them. I just may not always reply. This is for OLD POSTS. Erm..

Last night I watched Really Bad Lesbian Short Films. I thought I was getting a compilation of Women-Themed short films. Which they were, but I swear to GOD I if hear a single trumpet note sound over an over again with a gauze-covered lens softly focusing on a woman longingly looking out of a window one more time... Someone's gonna be in a drive-by. *sounds of gunfire* JESUS H. I'm pretty sure we've moved beyond the whole "woman trapped by The Man, can only peer through 'glass ceiling, as represented by glass window' which is symbolic of her Longing For That Which She Cannot Have."

Oh and bad porn. Loooooots of bad porn in them. o_O There was a funny American-directed one, where a girl was interviewing for a potential girlfriend, and it poked fun at all of the lesbian stereotypes in a really funny and positive way. Aaaaaaaanyway.

Hip Hop Quiz Answers

"Don't push me cuz I'm close to the edge I'm tryin' not to lose my head, uh huh huh huh huh. It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under."
This would be Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, one of the pioneers of rap and made the white population aware of what was going on in the ghetto. Because no one paid attention to Penny (aka Janet Jackson) getting burned by her crackhead momma!! *cries* Okay, a handful of you will catch that reference.

"Girl you talk too much, oh girl you never shut up!"
Off RUN-DMC's first album. This is a CLASSIC. Album also has: "My Adiddas" and "It's Tricky" etc. *goes to a happy junior high place*

"Pimps up, Ho's down."
Snoop a loop. (Snoop Dogg) and Dr. Dre on one of the "conversation" tracks on The Chronic, which will forever be one of my favorite - holy crap the music and production on that album are STILL kickin'. Yes. I said "kickin'." Whuh whuh?

"Never trust a big butt that smiles, that girl is Poooooooiiiiiisooooon! (hoo!)"
Are you KIDDING ME, people? "Mean girl?" *sighs* This is Bel Biv DaVoe (A B C, B B D.) This is from the BEST time of Hip Hop EVER: the '89-'92 years. Fun, dancy, great back beats. This was the Fly Girls era! This was when Bobby Brown was still kinda normal and not so damned skeevy.

"Gettin' jiggywith it."
Oh, you ALL KNEW THIS ONE, huh? Will Smith. I know he's the McDonalds of the rap world. I don't care. I would kiss that man full on the lips and snuggle him and make his do the Carlton dance with me.

"Drink a lot of soda so they call me Dr. Pepper."
HA! One of the five best voices in rap, Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest. Damn, I love that group. Smart, funny, silly, and I still nod and bob my head to "Skypager."

"Lost a few pounds in my whips for ya, Sex me so good I say blah blah blah. Work it! I need a glass of water..."
Missy "Misdemeanor" Eliot, who needs to come out with a new album NOW because I love her. (whips = saddlebags)

"You know what you suck in yo mouth? Deez muthafuckin' nuuuuuutz!"
Again with the Snoop Dogg, calling out Easy "Muthafuckin'" E on The Chronic. (How can you not laugh at this shit? It makes me dance because of the awesome music, and laugh at the homoeroticness of two guys challenging each other to suck their dicks. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??)

"The girls, the girls they love me! (He's the overweight lover Heavy D!)"
Heavy D, one of the hip-hop pioneers for the dance generation, also did the theme song to In Living Color. Fun and bouncy and nice.

"Informer! seriously. I fucking hate Snow."
The answer was ALL OF THE ABOVE. Ugh. Canadian guy in glasses and Morrissey hair cut, shirt buttoned to the top and a Jamaican accent. NO WAY did anyone think he would be a one hit wonder. O_O

"'We want to fuck you Easy!' I want to fuck you, too!"
Easy E. Formerly of NWA, then solo, hence the "battle" with Dre, who was also in NWA (Fuck the Police - comin' straight from tha underground..) Incidentally, this is one of the first songs my boyfriend Michael and I made out to. Uh... He laughed at the misogynist undertones, I laughed at how it WASN'T an undertone, he marveled that I knew this stuff and our lips met. Awwww. That's .... not romantic.

"Whoop! There it is! (Louder!)"
So you've been to a sporting event, eh? This was when Hip-hop sank, IMO. This, "Lemme see ya tootsie roll!" and other crap songs started coming out in '94. And Tupac and Biggie Smalls were killed not long after. COINCIDENCE?? Possibly.

"Never eat a pig because a pig is a cop, or better yet a Terminator. Like Arnold Schwartzenegger. Try to play me out like as if my name was Sega."
Jump around. Jump up jump up and get down, people. House of Pain is the group, and if you watch the video, you can see a post "New Kids on the Block" Danny Wahlberg slamming Guinness in the background. Irish rappers. And... it WORKED.

"I know you're supposed to be my steering wheel and not just my spare tire. (Ho!) But Lord I ask you... To be my guiding force of truth. For some strange reason it had to be: He guided me to Tennessee."
One of the BEST ALBUMS in hip-hop: Arrested Development. Ooooh, I loved this album. So deep and spiritual and thinky and groovy and butt shaking and SPIRITUAL. Never tell me hip-hop is all about sex or frivolity. I'll point you to Speech (the lead vocals). Or Common. Or Q-Tip. Or...

"Nearly broke my sacroiliac"
Again with Grandmaster Flash. Are you KIDDING ME?? I love this! Sacroiliac is actually at your hip, but this is a great way to allude to broke my ass without saying it. Don't push me, cuz I'm close to the edge....

Okay. Rambled enough. I need to FUNCTION away from the 'puter for a bit. It is FRIDAY!! WHOOOOO!! *sends love and joy to everyone*
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