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Good good morning!

Busy little bee after a busy (but entertaining) weekend. BBQ with friends, gardening, an excellent bottle of Riesling, fresh berries, sleeping in. Boom. My weekend in a nutshell (minus the laundry, headache, and mowing)

Couple of things to give you a laugh:

"Old Jokes Updated To Make Them Even Older" I think the woman with a Ph.D is my fave. Entre? I'm automatically thinking of small rocks and a duck. "Ah! A man of science!"

Reason 4,937 to love love love Wikipedia: List of Neologisms on The Simpsons. (That would be "made up words.") Kwyjibo. I tend to not like fandom-based portmanteaux (Your Spillow, etc. where you smoosh two things together to make a new word, but like real world ones. Um, except things like "smish" and so forth. Too cutesy for me, because I'm a hateful old cow.)

I will only refer to it as BBBQ from now on: a combination of Bring Your Own Beer (BYOB) and BBQ (barbecue). "The extra 'B' is for BYOBB." What's that extra 'B' for? "Oh, that's a typo." Remember... remember when the Simpsons were funny1? *sigh* Thank god for Family Guy. (South Park isn't even working me for me anymore. Hit or miss.) And Robot Chicken. All hail Seth Green. That has to be the best job ever: writing silly stuff with your friends and getting PAID for it. Best selling TV DVD right now. Good job, Oz. (Although he'll always be Scott Evil to me...) "Lemme tell ya little story 'bout a man named SHH!"

1: Best day on live journal in 2004. marlo and I were going from memory. Good times... Good times.

Today is a day for Stevie Wonder (little disappointed no one got the Stevie reference last week) and being productive! Ron Burgundy coming later, for those playing... [/cryptic] Have a great day! Yay Monday! Fresh new day with no mistakes in it! *beams at you all*
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