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We have an Orlando Bloom now at a_list_celebs. I was CRYING with laughter. No fanfic is safe. No weird scenario is unknown. He's a Johnny Depp stalker (of course) and has a Pink Sparkly Pen.

AND HE WRITES HARRY POTTER FANFIC. Did I mention the part about tears running down my face with laughing? What's not to love, people?!?!

You should add a_list_celebs to your flist. We aren't spammy, but we're FUNNY. And for ease of reading, you can add this link: to your blog and check in on all the journals at one time. (Some characters post to their sockpuppet journals.) ...and sometimes it's better to come back a few hours after a post. All kinds of comments come along after the initial posts.

Yes, I'm proud of our little band of weirdos. Some funny, funny people I'm grateful to write with. *sniff* Tom Cruise and Orli are so gonna spazz on each other. (And I laugh everytime I read "Orli" because that was my nickname as a little girl. Heeeee!)

(And we can always use new applicants... Check the user info page for the comm to see what we're looking for/how to apply. Don't be shy! WHAT WE WOULD GIVE FOR A RICKY GERVAIS!!)
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