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An English rose only blooms more profusely...

It doesn't age, thank you very much. Today is janedavitt's birthday, and she's one of the people on LJ that reminds me there is sanity in this sea of crazy. I friended Jane over a mutual affection for Anne of Green Gables fic, and discovered that not only was she a veteran erotic fanfic writer, she's written some of the best stories I've read.

How about a few examples? Never had I imagines a Giles/Faith/Wesley fic, but anytime I think of that now, I think of Having Faith, for starters. There's six more where that came from. *fans self* There's Pirates of the Caribbean fic. Oh, and there's her published works, too.

Mostly, I enjoy Jane's fiery passion, her shrewd mind, and her fantastic sense of humor. (She hasn't chucked me, at any rate.) Jane, you're one of my favorite things about LJ, and I wish you the best day possible. Happy Birthday!

And lastly, a drabble is one hundred words. (heee!!)
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