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I'm the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland today. COMPLETELY forgot until almost too late that I had a luncheon with some girlfriends today, and holy COW is my belly happy. (The hostess got the chef at a local place to personally prepare our menu. Poppy is his name, and he looks like an ex-football player. Massive, huge, hugable and can COOK.

  • Fresh green beans in light tempura, with a saki/soy sauce for dipping. (Holy god. I want this every day.)

  • artichoke/red pepper dip with rosemary pita bread

  • acorn squash/red pepper soup, hint of cream

  • spinach and walnut salad with Mandarin oranges

  • angel hair pasta with asiago/cream sauce, topped with blackened red snapper and blackened grilled shrimp

  • vanilla-bean cheesecake with dried cherries in brandy sauce AND

  • bread pudding with apricots and raspberries.

Tiny, delicate, avant-garde portions of everything, but STILL. That's about how much I eat in a DAY. My tum is sleepy, but I have THINGS TO DO. So I will nap later.

My sister posted this on her blog, and it needs to be shared!! Who remembers when Sesame Street used to be good? Back before Elmo? Before everyone knew Snuffalupagus was real? Before.. *sniff* Mr. Hooper died? When Linda and DAVID were dating on the show? (OMG, the soap opera! Hahahaha.) One of my most favorite counting songs ever: Number 9 Martian. We still sing this song in my family on road trips. (We're that dorky family, sorry.)

Have a great day! (And I seriously need a FOOD ICON!!)
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