Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

I'm not really here...

*waves hands like Obi-Wan* You do not see me here on LJ. *waves* This is not the journal you are looking for. (I have a thousand things to finish this morning. And yet...)

  • I am apparently a homophonaphobiac. Four of you will laugh at that. (hint: my common spelling mistakes I barely catch: their/there, elicit/illicit)

  • The only way this could be made okay is if some Oompa Loopmas came out. I CANNOT BELIEVE I WENT THERE. (I told you I was broken. It was the first thing I thought of.)

  • Our RPG played Celebrity Jeopardy this weekend and it was HILARIOUS. If you need a fun read, check it out. (And the Wes Mantooth/Rob Burgundy News Off last night cracked me up.)

  • This is the most addictive game ever, and if I hadn't of obsessively played it this weekend, I would have gotten a LOT MORE DONE. *mahjonggs* But I now have developed strategy! I now can win two in every five... Dammit. *mahjonggs AGAIN*

Now I'm off to make the Kessel Run in under 12parsecs. NERD ALERT! *points to self*
Tags: intarwebnets
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