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Senior Skip Day and Pranks

Everyone did that their senior year of High School, right? Had an official skip day and/ or Senior prank? I'm guessing not so much on the other side of the pond, which is a shame, because those were some good times. ( This was all prompted by a report in my local paper today, for the record...)

We Have Fooled You Again, Dr. Jones! (Dr. Jones was our principal, and always shook his head at me for the company I kept. Because I was that dorky straight A student that was known to be a virgin and drug-free. High school was fun. Ahem.)

The way you knew when skip day was, was by taking your graduating year - in my case, '90, and on the 90th day of the year - no seniors come to school. That, my friends, is an impenetrable system the teachers and staff NEVER figured out. We liked to believe...

On our skip day, my boyfriend and his two buddies had a Ferris Beuller day: went to the Chase Tower, the one with the hole in the middle, got up on the top floor and pressed our faces to the glass, went to the Museum of Modern Art down the street, then to our rival high school for lunch (incidentally, the school that Jensen kid from Supernatural graduated from) and sat at the "cool table" for lunch and laughed like we knew the jokes while they all tried to figure out who the hell we were. That was definitely the highlight of the day. Back to a park where Michael and I tried to escape his loser friends (because they had no girls) and make out, but to no avail.

And here's the kicker: I made him drop me back off at the school so I could make a quiz in my last period and get to theater rehearsal on time. "Um, I got better?" Such a dork. Did anyone else do Senior Skip Day? Anything fun? Or just swiping mom and dad's beers and watching Jeopardy? Heh.

How Do You Walk With Balls That Big?

Senior PRANK! Oh, man, this was the best part of the school year HANDS DOWN. Okay, that's a stretch. But it felt that was as the ripples of "Oh my god, they DIDN'T!!" spread through the school. We had a parking lot on campus for the kids who drove. It was understood that Seniors got the best spots up front, and if you were a sophomore (only 10 - 12 at my high school back then), you better not park up front. You had to pay a fee to use the parking lot, which was collected by a man in a small shed at the gate. These men were called "Zekes." By us, not themselves. Their shed was referred to as the "Zeke house."

A year or two before us had SOMEHOW gotten the Zeke house up on the roof of the high school. That was impressive. Most impressive. MY class, however, was filled with some fantastic artists and tricksters. One of them being my current boyfriend. Michael (bf) and yet-to-come-out pal Scottie and a few others that wouldn't admit to anything painted the Zeke house. To look like a house. A fake window, fake window boxes with flowers, a stick man with buck teeth and a straw hat waving from the fake window, broke -down pick up truck with weeds growing out of it... All so it looked like a child's crayon drawing. Hahaha!!

But wait... there's more: The jocks somehow got access to the Principal's (Dr. Jones) office and FILLED IT with 500 mice. School was halted that morning until 10am while an exterminator caught (alive!) all the mice. IN ADDITION: every single senior got a key. Every single senior, on graduation day, as we walked across the stage to get our (fake) diplomas, shook Dr. Jones' hand and slipped him a key in the handshake. By the time the W's were walking across the stage, his coat pockets were bulging. Heee! It's the simple stuff that works better for me.

Which brings me to my point (finally!): in today's paper, the senior class of my old high school got someone to BAKE MARAJUANA BRAN MUFFINS, and DELIVER THEM to the front office. Where 15 members of the staff DEVOURED them. By 1pm, half of the secretary pool was in the hospital, complaining about dry (cotton) mouth, the giggles, and bulging eyes. DUDE. DUDE!!!

#1: what a SERIOUS waste of some ganja, I'm betting the Art Club is saying
#2: there are CAMERAS in the front office, so the "delivery person" is in deep poop
#3: the delivery person said someone made them for an EAGLE SCOUT'S project. Ahahaha! That's my favorite of the lies.

What morons. Can't kids today come up with better pranks that don't end up in JAIL time? Okay, unless it's like on Veronica Mars where they impaled that teacher's car on the flag pole. No, that was wrong because in RL, a teacher would be SCREWED. They don't make enough to fix it and... Okay, who's seen Super Troopers? That's a funny damn movie. But the scene where the troopers dare each other to say "meow" in every sentence when they pull someone over? Hahaha!! Stuff like that. Not DRUGGING THE ADMINISTRATION! Good lord! This cannot end well.

Streaking? It's a classic for a reason, people!
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