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I got blisters on my fingers!

Twenty points to the person that first names that reference. Good LORD did this ficathon whoop my butt! So. Much. Stress. And how lame is that? It's FANFICTION. *shakes it off* Mine is posted and DONE, whoo hoo! I will say that now there is a list of some FANTASTIC fic, some by writers I've not really read before (I'm incredibly picky, I'll be the first to admit) and there are some real gems. I've barely even touched the surface. Here's the masterlist for the Lynnevitational ficathon.

So. Much. Good. Music!!! mskakaako got me a subscription to Paste Magazine for a Christmas present, and it could be the greatest music mag out there. I friggin' HATE Rolling Stone and Spin. They tout the same crap over and over, and where's the new up-and-coming bands? The bands that have toiled for years and can't break out of the small club venue? Paste finds them, and better yet, makes CDS and GIVES THEM AWAY. Awesome. Currently, I am ROCKING out to Donavon Frankenreiter. 70s white boy funk with a Parliament bass line. Are you KIDDING me? UH! Just really excellent writing inside, too. It takes me about two weeks to get through an issue, because EVERY article has merit.

[ETA]: and if you are interested in getting a free copy of Paste to check it out, shoot me an email. I know a guy. :D stoney321 [at] livejournal [dot] com. Everything from alt-country to rock to techno to bluegrass to krautrock in every issue.

I also have Harper's magazine staring at me. anelith? I think I mentioned the article in the latest issue about the Dutch cartoon wars, right? They have a history of political cartoons that was very interesting. That's another subscription I'll never let run out. We'll... not mention my Entertainment Weekly mag, okay? *sheepish* I also finished reading Jonathon Searles' book, Boy Still Missing. Very nice. Not very deep or richly layered, but if you want a book that feels meatier than chick-lit (which I hate), but has that ease of slipping in and out of a story, that's a good one. Engaging, simple and succint. Next on the list is Trap Lines, by Eden Robinson. Anyone? I was given the book, so I know nothing about it.

And last, but not least, because I re-read HP Book the Sixth this weekend: Hermione has told us TIME AND TIME again that no one can Apparate or Disapparate within Hogwarts. Got it. BUT. House Elves can. So... why didn't any Death Eaters (or Fred and George, for that matter, the yin to the DE's yang) Transfigure into House Elves and Apparate into the school? Because that would be a cool loophole to flaunt. I really wish there was a fic or a book by JKR all about Hogwarts. You know... Hogwarts: A History that I can have. :D Thoughts? Recs?

Off to photoshop some funnies and get back into RPing, because I have really neglected my gang, and I meeeees them. (Oooh! last thing: AMAZING sculpture artist. Chad Awalt. Found through Paste. NICE.)
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