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I have a MILLION things I want to talk about/ask/etc. and absolutely no time to do it. I've missed birthdays (Szandara, my lovely MARI, aka dusty273 - ACK!) and I'm supposed to meet another stroller jogger in fifteen minutes, then my INLAWS to help them plan a new garden (oh, god - if no one hears from me by this afternoon, the MIL has killed and eaten me) and then I have to research summer activities because I suck and have JUST REALIZED my children will be out of school as of FRIDAY.

Also- my head is swimming with tales of college, courtesy of Floweringjudas (see? I don't even have time for HTML!), which will give me laughs all day long. And I'm making NOTE CARDS for my panel at WriterCon - Bringing the Funny: EVERYONE COME, omg!! because I am so excited to talk about FUNNY WRITING and may be overdoing it, eep.

GAAAAAAAAH!! (chicken + head cut off = me) Comment with a soothing story to CALM ME DOWN, OMG. Or something funny so I get super amped and EXPLODE. That may be better for mankind at this point.... *bounces*

(also: Darthanne killed and BROUGHT HOME a jackrabbit. THANKS. Now I have to bleach my back porch. EWWWWWW. Not bunny, JACKRABBIT. Holy crap.)
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