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Phriday, Phriday

Waking up with a clenched jaw and GENETIC CALCULATIONS on your brain isn't the best way to start the day. What the eff, brain? On Day Two of dead Fridge/Freezer, and repair guy is scheduled to come between 8am and 5pm. Way to narrow it down. Fortunately Mr. S got home late last night and is happily in front of the laptop plugging away at finances, so I will not be beholden. Beholden to NO MAN, say I! And my fridge is SPOTLESS. No time to clean like when everything is wilted and dead...

Read a FANTASTIC book yesterday: Traplines, by Eden Robinson. Series of four short stories, all set in BC, Canada. Man, some of you think you write dark stories? Whoa. Daaaark. And spare and the kind of story that ends with you wanting more, or a resolution, or... SOMETHING! I love that. We're talking darker than the inside of Sylvia Plath's oven before she struck a match. Heh. And Amazon has it CHEAP. Which is a shame, because that always makes me think a book isn't any good when I see it on sale with that price. "Never judge a book..." but we do, don't we?

Changing gears yet again, there's an "Open Days" coming up this weekend. (When people open their gardens for public viewing) One gardener is Jesse Arnold, a septuagenarian who has land that his parents were given by a freed slave. Apparently this freed slave gave his land to wealthy blacks here in Dallas, to give the community a leg up. I love it! So many pearl-clutching old ladies in the rose societies, and here's this old black man in coveralls with an EXQUISITE garden. I love it. Oh, and he has a Ph.D, this is his hobby. *looooves*

Now, pardon me, but I'm going to sip some lukewarm water and try and get rid of my tan lines with my paper for reading material. Happy weekend, everyone!!
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