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Grrr. Argh. ...heh.

I had a fic started last night, and hoped to post today for inlovewithnight's b-day, and my computer ATE IT. (Sam? I'll try and fix this, you are my FRED GIRL! Woe.) Nonetheless, happy birthday today, and I hope you have a lovely day, that no horses bite or kick you, that you get lovely gifts, and that your day is full of sparkles and sunshine! (I have actually MET Sam! We've broken bread! Or... Mongolian food. Heh. If Fred had a short red bob and smart clothes, she'd be Sam.) Sam? I have no Horatio Hornblower icons, and my Fred icon is the wrong sentiment, so have an Age of Sail Commodore in the interim. *squish*

Also: gmail is a douche. I owe a few of you emails, and it WILL NOT LET ME.

Off to in-laws to fix their garden, then back to see what all books you rec me for tomorrow is LIBRARY DAY!! cherusha recommends Jonathan Morrell and Mr. Strange (I am totally screwing that title up, but I have it written down somewhere.) What else do you rec? Light, heavy, fic, non-fic, I love it all!

(Psst: I went running and it rained on me, ducks quacked AT me, and I laughed and feel much better, J, A and S.)
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