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Nightmares Shmightmares

Woke up late and groggy. Had a dream I was standing on a floating dock on someone's seaside backyard and the water was perfectly turquoise. I saw a large black shape moving under it and I grabbed the railing (which was iron embedded into the ocean floor - we weren't that far out) and an Orca burst up through the floor right under my feet. I was holding the railing with both arms and the tips of my feet were grabbing at the splitting wood. His snout was right underneath my middle and I could feel his mouth moving reaching for me. I knew that if I just held on for a few minutes, he would slip back into the water to breath (Dream!Orcas breath above and below).

Eventually he slipped back down into the water and away, I ran back along the dock and went to the next door neighbor's yard (which was a pool, but was the ocean) and we hung out. I saw my husband and three year old playing on the far side of the yard, and knew that the Orca would come back and get her. I could SEE him sliding up on the sand and grabbing her, then slipping back into the ocean with the tide. I was yelling for my husband to get her out of there when I saw a black shape coming and I woke up.

So I'm all freaked out and not really awake and I'm waiting for my coffee to finish brewing to really wake me up.

On a different note, I am becoming more and more obsessed with the Best. Couple. Ever. (No, not McGonagall and Neville, but you will all soon see what I see.) Ron and Hermione. VincintVeritas and I discussed good R/Hr fics (Marlo, you recced me somegood ones, too) and I found a terrific epic story that is still 8 chapters from being done (but if Checkmated.com ever gets on line, it's there, complete.) It's The Price of Love by RogueSugah on FFN. Really cool weapon that Hermione develops, too. And it involves loooooooove. Few spelling mistakes, but the plot and characters (esp. Twins) are terrific. It's R.

Coffee's done, and now it's time to let the killer whale slip back into the abyss. (This couldn't be related to my older, bossy sister having left yesterday from her trip here, now could it????)


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Aug. 30th, 2004 08:22 am (UTC)
I grabbed the railing (which was iron embedded into the ocean floor - we weren't that far out)

whatever 'orca' represents - it looks like you will win out. :::removes unflattering gypsy scarf:::
Aug. 30th, 2004 08:32 am (UTC)
Orca?!?! (God, I could feel his wet hot mouth wanting to hurt me....)
::throws a gold coin at your feet::

I think Orca represents a big fucking killer whale. Hee!! Let me put something in your craw: my sis, god love her, is a VERY dominate person. Everything is Her. Way. We're eating dinner now. (It's 4?!) We're eating now. I'm hungry. We all walk around eggshells with her, so we don't piss her off. I'm not afraid of her, I just hate then tension she can bring. But when she's fun... Everyone's having a good time.

So, my leetle jeepsee, you so lovely... When does school start? Today? Next Tuesday, right?
Aug. 30th, 2004 12:11 pm (UTC)
Re: Orca?!?! (God, I could feel his wet hot mouth wanting to hurt me....)
Bloody hell! Your sister sounds like, like...my daughter!

School starts for teachers on Wednesday and avec brats on Thursday :::wails::: - don't wanna, don't wanna! :::stamps feet:::
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