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Help! And other interjections.

For the hive mind: does anyone have an .avi file of Scrubs, Season 1, episode 20? No one on any torrents site seems to have it. Grr, argh. I would be most thankful. (If you would rather remain anonymous, email me at stoney321[at] THANKS!

Number Two: BETH. You were right. I the new show Hex on the BBC. OooooOooooh. I did fall asleep, but that was due to my lack of sleep over the weekend. Anyone out there enjoying Hex? I've only seen the 2 hour premiere and I am HOOKED. (good production values, and the storyline is gooooood.)

Number Three: it is HOOOOOOT. this may be the sixth day of straight triple digits, and I am melting. This is late July weather in June! *cries* Now I really have to get up super early so I can exercise before the world becomes an oven. Bonus: margaritas and mojitos are more thirst-quenching now. The mint syrup is currently chillling in my fridge. PARTY ON.

entrenous88! Hahahahaha! And now I miss NYC again!

Off to the library with recs absconded from my flist, yay! (Your plan backfired, swmbo, muah ah ah!
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