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Gud Summries ficathon! A reminder...

Things of importance, OMG. I sent out emails to all of the folks who signed up for the Gud Summries ficathon, and a few bounced back. (the hell? spikendru?? Did you change your email?) Anyway, I want to make sure everyone remembers that your masterpiece is due on July 4th, and if you need any help, or need to delay, just shoot me an email at my, okay? The original sign-up list is H E R E, and the community in HP that spawned the whole thing is H E R E, if you need some inspiration. Remember: this is for FUN, so don't beat yourself up if it's not perfect.

I was going to address this whole thing of how I am not going to apologize for what I find funny, just like I'd never apologize for the food I like, or clothes I wear, nor would I expect anyone else to apologize for loving Harry/Snape as Swiss mountaineering rescue climbers who have a hot torrid affair in fondue before an entire chalet of people. Because if I squint, I can see the appeal, there. Snape + hot cheese = OTP. Plus, stabbing wee forks, yay!

Folks: if binary numbers on your screen upset you: turn it off. Turn away. I won't read Lolita, but will I call those who do read it and find it funny sick pedophiles? No. Alrighty. I'm going back to stomping puppies and poisoning the WORLD, omg, with my vitriol. (Because let's face it: Chuck Norris and Spike were SO doing it, and I am cruel to not portray their love properly.)

(So, um, in a nutshell: if you don't like the stuff here, GO AWAY. I don't bash PEOPLE. I don't really BASH anyway. CLearly laughing at human foibles is why I am such a bitch.... Do you honestly have this much free time on your hands to create such draaaaaaaama? Go volunteer at a hospice or something, for chrissakes.)

In conclusion: VIAGRA, MUCHAHAS!
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