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So, yeah, been reading the Tale of MsScribe like everyone else, and it's astounding. The need for attention and to poke your finger in the hornet's nest and get off on hurting scores (maybe hundreds) of people. Dude, that is some free time this chick had. I have nothing to offer as far as insight into this debacle, but will say that two things stood out:

"Virtual Munchausen Syndrome" is the best name ever. VMS. I plan on using that.

and THIS LINK had me crying with laughter. (Here's what this funny person is responding to.) Mostly as a release to the absolute CRAZY of someone making their two sockpuppet LJs fight each other over the validity of a woman's CANCER CLAIMS and the internet's rush of support to her. Um, I'd like to think I'm not the only one that was skeptical when I read "I called the Mayo clinic and checked..." Really? Oh my god, REALLY? Come on. "Called the Mayo Clinic." And the person was anon. Riiiiiiiiight. (Makes the Buffyverse Mean Girl vs. Nice Girl irritant seem like a blister from new shoes in comparison, huh? Such ridiculousness.)

I have now changed my journal name to "Magic Sparkly Tooliness Hotline" and I am the new Head Unicorn. Tears, man. So damn funny!

In other news, trying to get the family packed and ready to go for our Griswald Style Family Vacation, which sadly does not involve jumping the Grand Canyon in the Family Truckster, but I have my fingers crossed on Wally World being closed so Mr. S can go off on a rage. Connor CD mix almost done, will post when it is, off to feed the fam and NOT SIT AND READ HP WANK, omg!!

[ETA:] Crap - forgot to mention that I am SURPRISED no one has made any Scoobie jokes in the vein of "Uncle Phillip!" "Aw, shucks. Would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't of been for you pesky kids." And how AWESOME would it be to find that MsScribe is actually Prettybird? NO! JKR! HAHAHAHA. (I've heard the "Charlottelenox" = "msscribe" hahas. Heh. Not enough of a twist, IMO. JKR would have a certain gleeful/schadenfreude element to it that would be an absolute SHOCK. Bwah!)

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