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getting the shakes...

Too. Much. To Do. No will-power to do it. My "to do" list spans TWO PAGES today *cries* but I will do it! Or ignore it and rush and spazz at 11 o'clock tonight and get it half-assed finished. Ah, it'll be just like high school.

To prove that I exercised restraint in my Connor Mix yesterday, this is a song I ultimately rejected for the "Holtz educates Stephen" era: All Things Dull And Ugly. I've been soaking up two Monty Python biographies and I am seriously crushing on 1969 Eric Idle again, because he's so FUNNY. He has a quote where he remarks on how Graham Chapman teased him for not realizing what "homosexual" meant, and Eric, incensed, replies, "didn't know? I went to a British public school for __ years, of COURSE I knew what it meant!" Hahahaha.

I am proud of the fact that I can sing the "Philosopher's Song" from start to finish while completely plastered.

I...uh.. I really need to stop procrastinating and get stuff done. (and I didn't get the writing done I wanted, and Lynne! I haven't forgotten, I've just not finished enough to send you, is all. Boo, me. Boo.)

Must. Not. Play. Mahjongg. <-- repeat and chant as needed

*spazzes back in* And Happy Birthday to fitofpique!! I hope it is fantastic and lovely and filled with Turkish Delight (unless you don't like that sort of thing, in which case I wish it's completely Turkish Delight free!)
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