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*obligatory reference to The Go-Gos' song*

Faretheewell! The whole fam dam'ly is heading out in a few hours in the family truckster to Flahrida for some Disney World fun, beach time and JOY!! CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELDS! That last one was not planned by me. Because let's face it: four year old girls LOVE BATTLEFIELDS. I'm not gonna lie to you. It's their crack. o_O

I'll be back just in time for a_list_celebs' re-opening and the Gud Summries Funaficathon on July 4th - nothing like coming back with a bang, huh? Be nice, play fair, and for pity's sake, link me to any insanity that happens while I'm gone!! (And pray to the god of your choice that we don't drop the little buggers off in Alabama and run away freeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

Heeee!! I loved this when I was a kid. (there's a link to Youtube up there, in case it's not working it's here.) *muwah!!*
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