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Gud Summries ficathon entry: Haiku

Heads up: today is going to be a bit spammy from me. I have fic to post and the master list for the Gud Summries Ficafunathingathon, so it may seem like I'm making up for lost time. Which I am. :)

First entry (I somehow managed to sign up for TWO fics, both of which I forgot about until yesterday, whoops!) is from the prompt: "Buffy goes to fat camp." I offer my submission in the form of haiku.

Buffy Goes To Fat Camp: Haiku

Season one thigh-highs
Accentuate doughy knees
Long pants hide cankles*

Pancakes - pizza - pop
Indian soap operas
Need to kill more vamps

Xander and Willow
Sneaking Summers' snacks at night
Joyce thinks, "Where's the food?"

Steadfast counselor
Searches through pillowcase
Chocolate treasure

Push-ups and pull-ups
The Slayer will not tire
Other campers plot

Lunch lady Doris
Bribes grease hands- she greases food
Buffy's ribs vanish

Cakes, pies and doughnuts
Not only booty at camp
Buffy's heinie spreads

Demons hear of this
Corpulent, lazy slayer
Time to take over

(Okay, I swear the second entry is actually good.) * cankles = calf-sized ankles
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