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Kenneth Lay died.

And I was looking forward to him going to jail for 45 years. That's morbid, I know, but we don't like him much here in Texas.

[ETA] because I hate having negative posts and nothing but, and I hate spamming LJ with multiple entries (it's a thing.)

While on my run this morning, I had my brain on my crack!fic set in Texas - like Dukes of Hazzard meets Falcon Crest meets Spuffy AU, and started thinking of made-up cowboy songs for the range.

  • "I Was Gonna Spend My Night With A Sheep (Until I Met You)"

  • "I Got Dust In Places (I Didn't Know I Had)"

  • "You're Once, Twice, Three Times a Cowboy (But Don't Tell Irlene)"

  • "Smells Like Beans Again"

  • "Got A Rattler In My Shoe (And I Still Don't Miss You)"

  • "Scorpion Hearts"

  • "Long Dusty Trail And No Rain In Sight (So Why Don't We Screw?)"

  • "Lonely Sheep Make For Warm Bedrolls"

  • "Beef Jerky Again?"

  • "The Cows Are Getting Suspicious"

  • "Hard-assed And Bowlegged: A Love Song"

More and more fics are pouring in for the Gud Summries Ficafunathingathon, so be sure to check them out! Read and feed, people. Some folks that participated? This is their FIRST ficathon! That's so cool!

Also, in email the other day with dovil - who I miss around here something terr'ble - we played around with cracked out story ideas, based on cheesy 80s romance movies. I swear to god, I may snap and write the following:
"What about Mask? And Spike can be deformed and doomed and Buffy is the blind girl at horse camp that he teaches how to understand color and Angel can play the part of Cher!!

And there can be a song at the end when Cher finds her dead kid (Spike) set to "I Believe"
"Do you believe that Rocky is dead?
do you believe he's dead?
I can feel something inside his bed (gropes, grabs a shoulder)
I really don't think it's large enough, no!"

WHY AM I SO AWFUL INSIDE?!?! *cracks the hell up*
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