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Friday's To Do list:

  • Jog before it gets hot

  • vacuum

  • get Mr. S to: mow, edge, wash the coolers, finish sizing the walls in the MB so painting can happen later, replace light fixtures

  • look busy while he's doing that so he doesn't quit

  • finally write in to the local paper and tell them once again, "Mr. Natural Gardening Columnist" is an asshole that shouldn't have the job

  • send links that show that Epazote is NOT good to ingest in large quantities as it is TOXIC and can kill people (and is a natural abortive) HELLO. (scroll to bottom)

  • Remind them that just because something exists in nature, doesn't mean it is automatically GOOD FOR YOU. See: uranium

  • Also: rotenone. (crushed and powdered chrysanthemums) Note that the LD50 - toxicity level - is MORE POTENT than the chemical diazinon, kthx. (the lower the number, the faster it kills you.)

  • fix that wonky paragraph in your crack!fic - just because it's crack doesn't mean it can't have proper sentence structure. Or something.

  • stop

  • smell roses

  • possibly prune roses while smelling

  • and that Russian sage out back that's out of control

  • and the cosmos

  • that butterfly bush is almost as tall as the cedar tree, don't forget that

  • strap on radiation suit and enter the boy's room for laundry/trash/burning it all with a flame thrower

  • go to library and return books!! ACK!

  • *cough* pay speeding ticket *cough*

  • oooh! see if Market Street has English peas in the pod - YUM - and get milk

  • do NOT make a milk mustache and wait for people to query, "Got milk?" It wasn't funny the first time, it's not funny now.

  • tighten up that outline for the Writing Humor panel - email crew again and ask them for BULLET POINTS, pls.

  • Ooooh, get cheesecloth to make paneer today! Or tomorrow, depending on how much you get done. (Dude, we're making cheese! I feel so Laura Ingalls.)

  • cajole father into taking children for sleepover so you can go see PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!!!

  • convince the world that Norrington/Sparrow is AWESOME and turn them all into fic writers for your pleasure

  • finish that damn Norrington fic

  • get around to that "My Mayor Richard Wilkins the III" post you've been meaning to do

  • ignore everything here and MAHJONGG!!!

[eta] is anyone else noticing that bullet points look all weird lately? With the over-spacing? o_O
[eta#2]: swmbo! You should get this guy to do your lawn! Or find another person in need of weight loss closer to home. Hee!
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