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So You Want To Be A Pirate: A Pamphlet

Heh. So there's a lot of secret pirate fanciers on my flist, apparently. And now that more and more of you are beginning to see what I see in (now ex-) Commodore James Norrington and Captain Jack Sparrow, I thought I'd make a list of recs (small, but very very good!) of fic, etc. that deal with those two characters. (Not all in an NC-17 sense, although there are those as well.)

First off, one of my buddies, elessil wrote up some meta on characterization in DMC (Dead Man's Chest, or PotC 2) that explains EXACTLY what we Norrington fans see in him - most of his best scenes get cut and sent to DVD, which is a shame - he really is the best developed character in that fandom, hands down.

On to the recs! (All based on canon, no AU high school fics or the like here, sorry.) Not comprehensive to every reader/writer in fandom, but fics that I've read and thought highly of.

Bedevil, by Elishavah Wall!Kink. SMUT. But good characterization + smut, which isn't that easy. NC-17, Shortish.

Before We Bury The Maps, by Traveller She does some things with structure and grammar that bug a bit, but the WORDS. Dark, angsty, moody, and very poignant. PG-13, Short.

The Part You Throw Away, by Isagel Oooooh. This perfectly captures the Sparrow/Norrington dynamic. PG-13, Over 1500 words.

To Catch a Pirate, by Cherusha She absolutely understands the cat and mouse game Sparrow and Norrington play with each other, and this is hilarious and so on spot... PG, About 1500 words.

The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot, by Tacks Absolutely, hands down the BEST fic I've read in the PotC fandom, period. WARNING: it doesn't have an ending. WARNING: you will be missing one of the best stories about Jack Sparrow and James Norrington ever written if you let that get in the way. Hot, sad, dreamy, attempts (and succeeds) at a "Sliding Doors" format. Achingly beautiful. NC-17, 5 chapters, next chapter linked at the bottom of each current.

Ack! JJail, by Firesignwriter If you like prison fic (and you know you do) and you like snark, and sex, and banter, and did I mention adventure and daring escapes? This has all of that. She's a FANTASTIC writer, and anything she puts down is fun and on spot.

(Check out commodoresexual as well for great writing, story, and characterization, too!)

Short and sweet, this list. I'll add to it as I find more. I'm hoping this new movie will cause an upsurge in good fic writing. *cough* And since this is my journal, and it's up to me to pimp myself...

You Had A Charming Air, All Sweet And Debonair, by Stoney Multi-chaptered, 15 to be exact, and filled with snarky banter, cat and mouse games, and the birth of legends and tall tales. (What? I like this story!) Fits more with the movie's feel. PG-13 (for flagrant wig abuse and subtext) All chapters linked on every new post, and at the end of the chapter.
Last Request, by Stoney Um, dark. DARK. And NC-17. 3 chapters, all linked. And it was so dark (for me) that I wrote a "prequel" to it,
Deception Born of Need Takes place prior to PotC 2, and sets up the relationship for the other fic. And there's a prequel to this coming, set when James Norrington is on h is first ship as a teenaged boy. AHEM.

And my PotC girls on my flist? Feel free to comment with more links! I admit to being incredibly picky about what I'll read - I don't have a lot of things in my memories, even though there are TONS of fics out there.

And now that Mr. S has gone back to work after his LONG vacation, maybe I can get some things DONE around here! Hello, everyone! Happy Monday!
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