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Happiness in my day today

I woke up early and wasn't pissed about it; there was perfect weather today; Emily was in a great mood; I got basic chores done without incident; I got some painting done so Em's room is complete; I had some sunning at the pool, and a good friend come over to hang.

Gah!  Just remembered that the RUDE neighbors (who, incidentally, are on the "Welcoming Committee") are STILL cutting the vines off MY fence.  I hung up a sign that says "Stop cutting the vines off my fence."  Jeez!  They are pretty and smell good, and I have a 6 inch clearance from the fence to their property!!  I'm going to plant stink weed next year.

Other than that, terrific day.  Ate a phenominal apple.  Seriously.  It was a Gravenstein.  Made the whole house smell good.  My local conservative paper was disgusted by the Republican National Convention, so maybe people are starting to come around.  Good stuff!!

To top it off, read this ( ) on and laughed my ass off.  Everyone on my Flist seems to be having a good health day, and I found some great stories on Checkmated that are keeping me occupied while Mr. Stoney is away for work.  Hope all my friends who had the first day back at school today survived!

*kisses and pinches you all*


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