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Well - I kinda bowed out of the discussion in my LJ this weekend for unforeseen reasons, so please know that if I didn't reply to you, it's simply because I was with people I loved. Ahahaha! I mean, I was spending time with the fam. I don't love them. (I totally do.) Eventually I'll get back to each of you, promise. In other news, I got a Vox account (weird: I asked them for one, and they GAVE it to me. Huh.) which is here. So excited that I'm STONEY there, and no numbers, wooo! I'm primarily going to use it for books, random thoughts, and music. OOoh! For those of you who have Vox accounts, did you see that you can upload SONGS in your library?? I can't say how much I love that feature. I'll be using that to the max, for sure. Still keeping this journal for fannish/social things. (I haven't added anyone to my "neighborhood" there, as I don't want to be intrusive. If you want to add me, I'll add you. How simple is that? :) )

I soaked up the entire series of The Office (US) on Friday, and can I say how much I love that show?? It might replace 3/4ths of the hole created by Arrested Development leaving the air, and I don't say that lightly. I can replace Michael (Steve Carrell) with my old boss, Barb and not lose a beat. THAT WAS MY OLD BOSS. (The one who showed me her lack of panties, and who falls down every Christmas. Including the dancing, omg.) Dwight (Rainn Wilson - my favorite character on the show, I think) is a crueler/sharper version of BEM, the guy in my old office who wondered "who doesn't want a perfectly good arm?"

Things I like MORE about the US version than the UK: the fellow office members are fleshed out. In the UK version, you had a very small cast of people with lines. Almost all of the office workers get screen time in the US version, and it makes it more enjoyable - it's not just waiting for Tim/Dawn, er, I mean Jim/Pam to get together. Creed, the older man who remains an enigma - and a scary one at that - was Jim from my old office. Jim was a Vietnam vet - chopper jockey - who just had odd habits and stories to make your hair curl. He kept slippers and ... other things in his desk drawer that he refused to talk about. Heee! Oh, I love characters. THE OFFICE. Start with Season 2 and soak it up. (And the Jim character on the show? That's the guy on my icon, for the record. I am so in love with him and Pam, I could just sigh myself to death.) ...and I wrote fic. I'll post it later. I think it might be my new favorite fandom, because EVERYONE IS FUNNY. (And I wouldn't sniff at Scrubs/Office crossover fic with JD and Jim. Or Dwight and The Todd. I'm just saying.)
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