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LJ's a ghost town now, huh? Everyone hasn't left for WriterCon yet! I'm not leaving until lunchtime tomorrow... And my house is currently overrun with children. SAVE ME. Oh, re: WriterCon and panels I'm on: I'm modding the Humor in Writing panel on Saturday at 10:00 am, in Trinity I. We have a good group of people on the panel: lynnenne, crazydiamondsue, mpoetess, crevette, and thebratqueen. If you're going - and I hope you are! - it'll be me fielding ?s for 30 minutes, and the audience asking questions the other portion. Or you know, naked improv. As in, improvisation while nude. Should be lots of fun. Also, I'm on the RPS panel, same day, same room, at noon. Wheeeee!

So you know, I have a habit of being nervous about making an ass of myself, and it comes off as aloof. I'm not. If you talk to me, I WILL talk to you, and probably hug you more than you want. It's a problem I have. :)

Ooooh! Ooooh! How about some links to clips from my new favorite show, The Office? Here's a history of the first seasons, all the Jim/Pam story lines. And that should tell you it's spoilery. But this way you can jump right in come this fall.

History of Jim and Pam From The Office, on YouTube. (There's faint music on all of these, which... Whatever. But these aren't fanfids. Just clips from every episode, in chronological order.)

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] (the finale! AHHHH!) I love them both so, so much. And Dwight. And Angela. And Stanley. And....

Oooh, and here's "Dwight and Jim" (Rainn Wilson and John Kazinski) on Ellen doing a dance off and I love that John is really Jim. I may have thought about this too much.

WHAT IS HAPPENING?? *sets up lemonade stand for FREE* I also love my new Dark Harry icon. Just saying.

[ETA] Oh, and my printer is dead, which means I can't make my iron on transfer of my Cream of Cum icon, which makes me SAD IN MY PANTS AND FACE PARTS. :((((
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