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Oh my GOD, NO.

This is the worst thing that could have happened. I am going to have to back out of going to WriterCon, because


Dude, you did NOT think that was real, did you? COME ON. Heading out, FINALLY AM GETTING BOUNCY AND EXCITED, and I'm going to miss my homegirls like whoa - I'd love to come back and find JackDav/Depp snark on our comm, if anyone is curious - and there's probably going to be great Office fic posted like what is HERE (oh, god, my breath hitched on the tiny kiss one, I LOVE THIS SHOW) but I have tequila, I have cash, I have a pen and notepad, and I don't care if my butt isn't as tiny as poshcat's or cherusha for I AM ON MY WAY!!

in about three hours. Heeee! Have a great weekend, all that will be staying back and holding the fort down! I'm bringing my video camera. And night vision goggles. And rape horn. And roofies. What? I'M AN ENIGMA.

...OMG, I am sitting FRONT ROW in the mean girls vs. nice girls panel, because WHAT THE FUCK?? Wow. I'm hoping it'll be awesome. I'm under orders from dovil to take notes and possibly make an ass of myself for her. *salutes* Aye, aye Captain.

Back Sunday night!! *smooooooooooch*
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