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Reasons why I'm lame and funny things from today

Let's get the lame out of the way first.

  • I totally bawled yesterday while rewatching the Connor arc on Angel.

  • While taking notes.

  • And looking up references in Dante's inferno.

  • And deciding to not post all of my notes about religious symbols/themes in the Holtz/Angel/Connor storylines because the ONLY PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT MY CONNOR LOVE/INTEREST are going away to MEET HIM.

  • And I have moments where I can't breathe for excitement for them because: VINCENT.

(I swear to god, you mock my Connor love and I'll cut you. I'LL CUT YOU WITH BRANDI'S KNIFE!)


  • My son sighing today, chuckling, and saying "I sure do admire that Fred Weasley." Ahahahaha! My little juvie-wanna-be in training.

  • The ongoing discussion of the gayness of Eternia and He-Man in entrenous88's journal here.

We'll ignore that I know all the character names and that I obsessively watched it. And shipped She-Ra/He-Man before my brain realized they were brother and sister. I blame George Lucas for making me imagine and want Luke/Leia. We all know Yoda/Chewbacca is OTP.

And I would really like to see in a story how Spike puts wax plugs in his nostrils because Buffy has the hots for Angel, hence the blocking of her scent. (The constant sniffing thing skeevs me out, people.)
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